A response

I have so far sent queries to two agencies. I have heard back from both of them. The first one just sent me an email that said they had stopped responding to queries they are uninterested in, and so if I haven’t heard from them again in 30 days to assume they don’t like me. Ok, it actually said to assume that they weren’t currently interested in my manuscript. However, this morning I heard back from the second agent I queried and she asked for the first 5 pages of my book. Now, either she was intrigued by my query, or she asks EVERYONE for their first 5 pages. I don’t know which it is. Either way, it’s exciting to be asked for pages.

I have been editing and polishing The Dragon’s Eye out of existence er, until it shines. Based on the reviews I got from the ABNA contest (you can read what they had to say here), I have rearranged the first three chapters, cut entire paragraphs, and added a few bits of dialogue here and there. I am amazed at how much my writing style has changed in just a few short years! I am excited to get The Dragon’s Eye up to snuff. As I have been chopping my manuscript into sawdust sanding the rough edges off my first book (well, technically my third book… but the first in this series), it has been fun to be able to be brutally honest with myself about where it is obvious I simply had no idea what I was doing when I wrote this book.

I have never enjoyed editing this much before. It’s fantastic! This is probably because instead of focusing on the tiny errors such as commas and semi-colons and spelling mishaps… (although, I’m not ignoring those mistakes either, don’t worry), I am re-writing a lot of plot and dialogue and straight-up story. It’s like going through my book with a machete.

Stay tuned! I’ll let you know if I hear anything more from the agent.

~ jenelle

I love hearing from you, dear Reader!