Hello, Dear Reader.

I just wanted to hop on here to ask you a quick question. I am planning on participating in the Blogging A-Z Challenge in April. Thus far, I have ideas for a few topics, but thought I’d ask if there’s anything specific YOU would like me to blog about during April?

Here’s my plan so far… as you can see, I need a lot of ideas:

Week One:
April 01, Monday – Letter “A” – All About Me (what you won’t find in an author interview)
April 02, Tuesday – Letter “B” – BRAVE: Movie Review
April 03, Wednesday – Letter “C” – C.S. Lewis
April 04, Thursday – Letter “D” – DRAGONFATE: Book Review
April 05, Friday – Letter “E” – Extra Cheese, Please!
April 06, Saturday – Letter “F” – Fantasy-Related post…
Week Two:
April 07, Sunday – BREAK
April 08, Monday – Letter “G” – George MacDonald
April 09, Tuesday – Letter “H” – Favorite Heroes
April 10, Wednesday – Letter “I” – A Great Injustice: Aragorn & Boromir
April 11, Thursday – Letter “J” – Jasper Fforde
April 12, Friday – Letter “K” (I will be doing a “Character in Costume” challenge, and will probably revolve it around a character whose name starts with the letter “K” or an object that starts with the letter “K”… we’ll see)
April 13, Saturday – Letter “L” – “Lost Knowledge” trope and why I don’t buy it
Week Three:
April 14, Sunday – BREAK
April 15, Monday – Letter “M” – Top 10 Favorite Movies of all time
April 16, Tuesday – Letter “N” – On Being a Nerd
April 17, Wednesday – Letter “O” – Outlining
April 18, Thursday – Letter “P” – Pirates
April 19, Friday – Letter “Q” – Queries (the reason I am a self-published author!)
April 20, Saturday – Letter “R” – Rejection Letters
Week Four:
April 21, Sunday – BREAK
April 22, Monday – Letter “S” – Stuff I Like
April 23, Tuesday – Letter “T” – Terra Nova
April 24, Wednesday – Letter “U” – Under Construction: Two New Series Ideas
April 25, Thursday – Letter “V” – Favorite Villains
April 26, Friday – Letter “W” – Writer’s Block
April 27, Saturday – Letter “X” – King’s Warrior eXtras
Week Five:
April 28, Sunday – BREAK
April 29, Monday – Letter “Y” – Yole
April 30, Tuesday – Letter “Z” -
Feel free to throw out suggestions for any of the remaining letters… I’ll update this post as ideas come in! Thank you for your help!

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson (@djedwardson)

“F” for fantasy seems like an obvious choice, though Family would also be a worthwhile topic.


“T” for Tolkien
“L” or “C” for C.S. Lewis or “N” for Narnia (take your pick)
“G” or “M” for George MacDonald
“P” for Pirates (don’t you have a pirate story you’re working on?)
“Q” for queries and what a pain they are to write and how great it is as a self-published author not to ever have to write them again!


Oooh, thanks for the ideas!!! I shall add all of those to the list! When I signed up for this challenge I had TONS of ideas… but of course I did not write them down… now that April is drawing nigh… of course, I can’t remember any of them!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!