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Mythical Doorways releases today!

*Cue confetti and cupcakes and general enthusiasm!*

Awwww, Ten! Yeah… that about sums it up. I’m super excited about this new release. I made a shiny new banner to go on facebook last week so that I could show off all the books I’ve published/been published in as of today.

New FB Cover (1)

It’s really fun to see them all together like that. Makes me feel a little more like a “real” author, having an entire series out plus being in a couple of awesome anthologies. (Yes, actually, I do often struggle with feeling like I’m a “real” author… but that’s a post for another day).

Today is a day for celebration.

Mythical Doorways is FREE to pick up in ebook form and is available at your favorite digital store. I have only read one of the other stories, but it is super fun, and I’m excited to read the rest of them! This is a great group of authors, and I am so pleased to be included among them.

There is also a FACEBOOK PARTY to celebrate the release happening Thursday evening, 3.29.18 at 8pm CDT. I’m not presenting anything, since I’ll be on vacation, but I will hopefully be able to pop in here and there and say “hi!” And if you’ve been wanting to join the Fellowship of Fantasy: Indie Book Club I’ve been raving about, Mythical Doorways will be our book to read for April, so now is a fantastic time to join!

For those of you who have read the Minstrel’s Song series, my contribution to this anthology is called “Dragon Ward” (which, no, is not about a bunch of dragons in a mental hospital… though now I kind of want to write a story about THAT) and takes place in the same world as that of the Minstrel’s Song. It is set several hundred years before the opening of Second Son, in Llycaelon, though this story takes place before it was called that. For anyone who has read Yorien’s Hand, this is the more complete story of Gwyna and Keltarrka… and you’ll find that the story Yole tells the others has changed slightly from how it actually happened as it was passed down through the years… of course, Kiernan basically said as much after Yole enthusiastically relayed the tale… *grin*

“Gwyna and Keltarrka,” Yole interjected, his voice excited. “I know this story! Gwyna was the daughter of a candlemaker. One day, she was out tending her family’s bees when she met Keltarrka. His wing was hurt and he had fallen into the field and couldn’t fly away. For some reason, Gwyna wasn’t afraid. The story says she could see into his heart and saw that he meant her no harm. Either way, she tended his wing, despite the fact that his blood fell on her skin and burned her arms. She nursed the dragon back to health, and they formed a bond of friendship unlike any that ever existed before. When Keltarrka was healed, he offered Gwyna a ride on his back to thank her. It was then that they discovered the mystical link that tied their destinies together and allowed them to speak mind to mind. Gwyna became the first dragon ward, and others soon followed. None know why or how the link is formed, though a few of the older dragons think it had something to do with Gwyna getting burned by Keltarrka’s blood, but if that’s what happened nobody has ever been able to recreate it. There is no pattern, no heredity to it, all we know for certain is when it started and that the bond between dragon and ward is unbreakable.”

Kiernan waited, an amused expression on his face until Yole finished. “The dragons like to add a bit of dramatic flair to the legend,” he said, scratching his jaw just below his ear, “but the facts of the story are sound…”

When you read it, perhaps you’ll understand why Kiernan didn’t bother to correct Yole’s version…

I hope you enjoy this little “extra” tale from Tellurae Aquaous!

~ jenelle


Deborah O'Carroll

I CAN’T WAIT!! :D I really had my appetite for this story whetted with the little quotes at the beginning of some of the Minstrel’s Call chapters. XD Looks like the anthology isn’t free quite yet (I know Heidi said it would depend how well Amazon works with them on it…) but I look forward to grabbing it shortly! And reading it for the bookclub, YAY! :D BUT AAAHHH CONGRATULATIONS. YOU’RE IN TWO AWESOME ANTHOLOGIES AND HAVE A WHOLE SERIES OUT AND LSKDJFLSKDJLJF. (Of course you’re a Real Author, my goodness. o.o) I hope you have a splendid vacation, and I look forward to the party too. :D (That Ten gif though!!!)

DJ Edwardson

Huzzah! Congrats on another mythical release. You’ve done so much this year, I stand amazed. I think you actually write faster than I read. (hehe)

Interested to see what this one is like. I love the way you have Yole embellishing the tale and now we get the REAL version! I love it when authors do things like that.

And yes, you have dozens of awesome reviews, a series that spans well over a thousand pages so, and, most importantly, you care about writing the good the true, and the beautiful so you certainly qualify as an author in my book. Many mere “writers” have sold more copies than you, but they are not actual authors in the most important sense of the word. (One day I plan on writing a post about that)

Enjoy your release day!

Jolyn Safron

Congratulations on all the stories and specifically on the story in Mythical Doorways. I really enjoyed it and all the other stories. I am looking forward to discussing all of them in the Fellowship of Fantasy bookclub in April.


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