The idea: Ebulon, the last human kingdom in its realm, has come under attack by a massive army of Orcs. Pressed nearly to breaking, the king of Ebulon has sent out a call to request that if there are any heroes left in any realm that they come to Ebulon’s aid.

I’ve been working with a group of fellow fantasy authors on creating a collaborative story in which we each are in charge of a single entry point into the city. Characters from our own books have come to Ebulon to answer the call for help.

It’s both a fun writing project, and a way to do some advertising for each of our books/writing.

For me, it’s a really fun way to spend some time writing a new story with some characters I thought I was not going to get to write new stories for anymore. I’ve really been enjoying creating a new adventure for Brant and company.

This week, I finished the rough draft of my segment and have sent it off to my editors.

We’re each supposed to get our segments to the organizer of the project by May 20. When the collaboration is finished, the book will be available for free in e-version – I’ll keep you posted on where you can get it!

~ jenelle



That is so cool! It sounds like a lot of fun. I always wondered how authors handle a collaborative novel. Taking over different vantage points makes a lot of sense. So like, do the characters from different novels and authors ever interact? Like, will I get to see Kamarie talking to another author’s character? Cuz that would be awesome! XD


There IS a bit of crossover between one of my characters and another author’s character… it was a lot of fun to put together, even though it’s such a short snippet of the overall story.

John Wiswell

This sounds like a really neat interface for storytelling. Collaborations are something I still haven’t wrapped my head around. What do you expect back from the organizer? Continuity notes?


Mostly the organizer is going to put the chapters in some sort of logical order, do the formatting, and be responsible for putting it together in e-format. Since we’re each in charge of a single entry-point, there doesn’t have to be a lot of crossover between authors (there’s a little here and there, but if we want to have our characters interact with others’ characters we’re responsible for that ourselves). We have basic info: the season, type of city/castle, the way the Ebulonians dress, and the King’s name.


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