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Creating a History for Your Story

History may not be your favorite subject in school. So many names and dates and battles… they can start to blur together a bit. Or maybe you love history. Maybe the exploits of those who lived before us fascinate you and you can’t get enough of it. Either way, if you are a fantasy author, history… Read more »

How Do You Decide What to Call Things in Your Made-Up World?

The Dragon’s Eye. The Spine of the World. Butterbeer. The Shire. Allomancy. The Force. Tesseract. Infinity Stones. These names probably evoked some sort of image or memory as you read them. Well… okay, maybe not Dragon’s Eye, since I’m not nearly as well-known of an author as these others. *grin* But if you’re familiar with most… Read more »

Identifying the Scope and Size of Your Fantasy Realm

Middle Earth, Narnia, the Wizarding World, Oz, Wonderland, the Final Empire, a galaxy far, far away…. these names and fantastical places transport us instantly out of our own world to somewhere entirely other. They inspire our imaginations, and send us knocking on paneled walls and opening doors, looking for another world, a more magical world,… Read more »