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Fantasy Creatures with a Twist – Guest Post by Deep Magic

Fantasy Creatures with a Twist by The Deep Magic Team Fantasy creatures! Most of us love them in a story. Dragons, phoenixes, and unicorns are popular go-to mythological creatures.  But what spins on these popular fantasy creatures do we want to see in books and media? Here are three creature ideas that might surprise you:… Read more »

Magical Laws or Magical Freedom: the difference between hard, soft, and hybrid magical systems and the pitfalls to avoid

The first rule of magic is…. there are no rules! Um… (stoic eyebrow raise) Excuse me… but the first rule of magic is… what are its limits? What is its expense? You can’t just give people limitless power, have you heard the phrase “OP”? But… but… but…. (incoherent spluttering) Magic is magic! We can’t go imposing limitations… Read more »

What if You Want to Include Technology in Your Fantasy?

Airships soar through the sky, floating above a city of brick and steel. A plume of steam puffs into the air, melding with the clouds, and on the horizon you can just make out the wheeling figure of a massive gryphon, the sunlight glinting off its golden feathers. Although many fantasy stories set themselves squarely… Read more »