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Tolkien Tag: Wrapping up the Tolkien-Related Fun

I absolutely couldn’t resist getting in one more Tolkien-related post before the end of September! I saw this tag written by Rose Marie @Only a Dream and thought to myself, “Why not?” Because you can never get too much Tolkien, right? 1. How did you first get into Tolkien? You can tell the whole story: was it through… Read more »

The Influence of Tolkien

I honestly can’t remember if my dad read us The Hobbit or The Chronicles of Narnia first. I’m pretty sure he read us The Hobbit more times… though even that, I’m not sure about. Either way, these were my very first forays into the realm of fantasy fiction, and both Tolkien and Lewis had a… Read more »

Tolkien Blog Party Tag

Hello there, dear Reader! Today I am participating in the Tolkien Blog Party hosted by The Edge of the Precipice blog! It’s a whole week of Tolkien-related fun and games, as well as a huge giveaway! If the Silmaril Awards haven’t been quite enough Tolkien-related fun for you, make sure you head over there and… Read more »

2019 Wisest Counselor: Silmaril Awards

There is an air of anticipation beneath the enormous Party Tree. Overhead, the stars flicker like gemstones scattered across a blanket of black velvet. Tonight, they gleam extra brightly, as though they are leaning nearer to the ground in hopes of overhearing what the mortals are up to. An enormous crowd has gathered on the… Read more »