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Marketing, Star Wars, Pop, and Advice… Final Vlog Installment!

Welcome to the fourth and FINAL installment of my vlog! I can’t believe I made it this far! Thanks for your questions, for watching, and for all your kind comments. This was one of those somewhat terrifying things for me, but I discovered that it was actually rather fun. I would not be averse to… Read more »

Rooglewood, Marvel, and MBTI, Oh MY!

In which I reveal my MBTI type, talk about some favorites, and reminisce over the best moments in my authorial quest so far! TOC 0:35 – What is my MBTI type? 3:13 – Favorite Rooglewood Press Book (besides Five Enchanted Roses) 4:28 – Favorite childhood books that continue to inspire me today 7:21 – Favorite… Read more »

Blog-o-versary Vlog Part 2

Today I am posting the continuation of my vlog, and answering some more questions from YOU! Table of Contents: 0:30 – My favorite Anne Elisabeth Stengl book 1:57 – Have I ever left the country? Where have I gone? 4:50 – I’m going on a quest, I can bring my own Fellowship of Characters from any… Read more »