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Receiving Editor’s Notes: Stage P

I have not quite emerged from the haze of editing, but I’m very close. It’s been a very busy, very focused month. On the day that I received the editor’s notes for my dear Stone Curse, I experienced a wash of emotions… and at the time I began to jot a few of them down, as… Read more »

Coming Up for Air

Yeah, I’m stealing Dorian’s title. It’s just that I honestly cannot think of a better one. Nothing else really describes this feeling. The picture says it all: I turned in Stone Curse last night!!!!!! And it feels like I’ve been living underwater, holding my breath for a really long time, and I just came up. And,… Read more »

More Editing Music

Speaking of editing… I’m still in the midst of Stone Curse. I finished the first go-through last week, which made me happy, because that was my goal. Now I am neck deep in the polishing – and working on getting the ending just right. Today’s post is just a short one to share a song… Read more »

The 777 Writing Challenge

I’ve been tagged by Savannah Jezowski in the 777 writing challenge! What is the 777 writing challenge, you ask? I’m so glad you did! You go to the 7th page of your current work-in-progress, scroll down to the seventh line, and share the next 7 lines in a blog post. Then you tag 7 other… Read more »