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Six Degrees: From Blackberry to Bean

Hallo, dear Reader! Top o’ the morning to you! (It’s not morning, you say? Well… can’t be helped). Things are just nuts over here, and I can’t process them any longer. I’m done. My processor is broken. The long and the short of it is: we’re moving to Wisconsin. In a month. And all that… Read more »

Six Degrees: From Orlando to Elend

We are back with another round of Six Degrees, the game that can take you anywhere without leaving the comfort of your home! A few quick announcements. Yesterday, I had the privilege of guest posting about three of my favorite things in a story over at Heidi’s blog. You should check it out. Heidi is… Read more »

Six Degrees: From King Arthur to King Arthur

Good afternoon and welcome back to Six Degrees of Kool Books once again. This is the book-hopping, character-relating, genre-defying game that DJ and I play every week – and you are welcome to join in any time you like! It’s also a fun way to recommend (or not recommend, as the case may be) books… Read more »

Six Degrees: Lyze of Kiel to Halt

I apologize for my tardiness. I hope you weren’t all too disappointed not to get your regularly scheduled Six Degrees post yesterday… we were on vacation last week with my husband’s family (extended family, grandparents, aunt/uncle, cousins… it was a blast!) and I got a cold and was still recuperating into the beginning of this… Read more »