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The Dragon in the Graveyard

Good morning, dear Reader! Here is my offering for the Spooky Story Challenge. If you are writing one, yourself, you have until midnight tomorrow to get your story plugged in to the linky list, which can be found HERE along with the rules for the challenge (they’re pretty simple). I stared at the pale, weathered stones that stood… Read more »

Spooky Story Drachtober

It’s that time again! Time for another STORY CHALLENGE! Since it’s October, of course, the theme has to be SPOOKY STORIES. But this year, for an additional challenge (and because I’m hosting the #Drachtober hashtag game over on facebook and twitter) there also has to be a mention of a DRAGON somewhere in your story…. Read more »

If Wanting Were Enough

Whew! I almost didn’t think I was going to make my own deadline! But then I sat down to write and this little bit of ridiculousness flowed onto the pages with very little effort. It’s not terribly spooky, but I hope you enjoy it anyway… In other news, Happy Halloween, dear Reader! Check out our… Read more »

InterFiction Gazette

Hello and good morning, dear Readers! I have some very exciting news for you today! As it happens, I have recently been hired by the prestigious and well-respected journal known to one and all, far and wide, as the InterFiction Gazette!   What does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! As one of their reporters,… Read more »