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Another guest post by my husband on world-building today! What is the hardest part about creating a world? Oddly enough the hardest part of world building I would say is the “new world.” So what does that mean? Honestly, the hardest part is taking all the details I figured out for my first world —… Read more »


Last week I took you through a bit of my world-building process. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to be sharing a series of posts by my husband on some of the more technical details of creating a fictional world. I’ll start each post with a question that Derek answered. Hope you enjoy!… Read more »


One of my least favorite things about writing has always been the world-building aspect. I like to dive in and just start writing. Unfortunately, this usually means that along the way I get hung up on things like, “What sort of currency does this culture use?” or “Hmm, is there a creation myth in this… Read more »


Second Son is almost complete! Things That Have Been Checked OFF My To-Do List: Cut and paste entire text into correct page dimensions Change font Format chapter titles Format first letter of each chapter Make sure Tabs are correct (this is by far the most frustrating things Find and replace “All Right” typos Find and… Read more »