Fantasy Month Giveaway

February Fantasy Month Banner

An extra post for you today because I just had a brilliant idea… mostly because I just saw this little fun thing and thought it was awesome and decided to make it part of the Fantasy Month celebration!


Isn’t that super cool? It’s a letter-opener… and it’s a dragon!

So here’s the deal. I’m making this into a February is Fantasy Month Giveaway! Whoever leaves the MOST COMMENTS on the tour blog posts over the course of the month will win this little guy!

(US entries only, unfortunately… some countries have some weird restrictions about allowing me to send my postage-carrying dragons across their borders carrying things that could be considered “weapons”)

Any blog post on the tour is fair game, and I’ll give you until March 3 to get your comments in! In the case of a tie… I’ll pull names from a hat!

~ jenelle


Sarah Pennington

Got it. So it’ll look cool on my desk and maybe make a decent addition to a fantasy costume for my dorm’s Halloween event, but it won’t get me in trouble with my RA. Fabulous. :D


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