February is Fantasy Month: 2019 Schedule + Hashtag Game

February Fantasy Month Banner

Welcome to the FOURTH ANNUAL February is Fantasy Month Extravaganza!

This year’s fantasy month is going to be a little different than our regularly scheduled programming. Starting today and going through the entire month of February, over TWENTY bloggers have banded together to bring you awesome content about all things fantasy-related. From some of our favorite fantasy things to helpful tutorials and writing tips to character interviews to reviews, this event is going to be EPIC!

There is also a hashtag game you are welcome to play along with over on facebook/twitter/instagram. And next Tuesday I’ll be introducing a fun blog tag, so there are plenty of ways for you to jump on board the fantasy flagship and fly off to join the fantasy fun! (Also, alliteration continues to be king)

First off, the hashtag game:

Fantasy Month 2019 Hashtag prompts


As you can see, this year’s “theme” is “Fantasy Favorites” and I look forward to hearing all about your favorite fantasy-related things!

And now for the schedule! I will be updating this with the links to actual posts (as opposed to the generic ones that just get you to each blog) as the month progresses. There will be posts scheduled Monday through Saturday each week in February.

CLICK HERE for more details!

February 1

Jenelle Schmidt - Tour Schedule
Selina J. Eckert - Fantasy Favorites

February 4

Crystal Crawford - World Building
Katy Huth Jones - Book Review
Jenelle Schmidt – Fantasy Month Prize

February 5

Deep Magic - Fantasy Favorites
Jenelle Schmidt - A Game of Tag
Laura VanArendonk Baugh - Research and Writing Fantasy
Elizabeth Koetsier – 5 Books Containing Fantastic World Building

February 6

Nicki Chapelway - Fantasy Sub-Genres

February 7

Jenelle Schmidt - Author Spotlight: Terry Brooks

February 8

Kyle Robert Shultz - Non-Human Characters

February 9

Amelia Nichole - Fantasy Review Compilation
Lila Kims - Fantasy Sub-Genres

February 11

Katy Huth Jones – Book Review
Crystal Crawford - Swoonworthy Heroes
Savannah Jezowski - Favorite Characters

February 12

Laurie Lucking - Making “Bad” Characters More Likeable
Jenelle Schmidt - Favorite Fantasy Movies

February 13

Nicki Chapelway - Characters

February 14

Melissa Rose Gardiner - Review of “Greta and the Goblin King”
Jenelle Schmidt - Classic Fantasy

February 15

Selina J. Eckert - All About Fantasy Genres

February 16

Amelia Nichole - Worldbuilding Basics
Laura Matthias Bendoly - Scenery Behind the Tale

February 18

Katy Huth Jones - Book Review
Crystal Crawford - Advice for Villains: How to Destroy a Prophetic Hero

February 19

Jenelle Schmidt - My Favorite Tropes

February 20

Nicki Chapelway - All About Plots
Kendra E. Ardnek - Interview with Maid Marian

February 21

DJ Edwardson - A Reluctant Scholar’s Guide to Medieval Research
Jenelle Schmidt - Favorite Sub-Genre and Recommendations
Jackie Castle - Archetypes

February 22

Kyle Robert Shultz - Review of Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

February 23

T.R. Gemmell - The Fun of Fantasy Research

February 25

Katy Huth Jones - Book Review of Coiled
Savannah Jezowski - Great Fantasy Books Everyone Should Read

February 26

JL Mbewe - Favorite Fantasy Worlds
Jenelle Schmidt - Interview with a Cat-Elf

February 27

Nicki Chapelway - Fantasy Favorites Blog Tag

February 28

Nicola Pike – Worst Tropes in Fantasy
Lauricia Matuska – Netflix Myths and Monsters Review
Jenelle Schmidt - Favorite Fantasy to Read with Kids

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Oh, my goodness. This is not just epic. You realize that you’ve practically created an anthology here? Wow, no excuse for the February lulls with all of this amazing content in store!

Nancy Jean Walker

Wow! Perhaps “Epic” is an understatement! ;)
Looks great…. er…I better stick with the alliteration for the month: looks Fantastic!

Deborah O'Carroll

Hurray! Sounds like loads of fun! :D I couldn’t get my act together to participate officially (my blogging inspiration has been reeeally low lately) but ooh, now I’m curious about this tag thing! Will have to make some plans for that hashtag game as well. ;) Excited for all the things!


Totally understand! I’m glad you’re curious about the tag, I think it’s fun, and the questions aren’t too difficult, so that’s nice. I mean… it’s about favorites and things, so that’s hard for me, but if you already know your favorites and like talking about them, or if you just want to rave about a new favorite or two… then it should be pretty easy to do.

Sorry blogging inspiration has been low lately! I know the feeling!


:) Awesome! I’m excited about all the fantasy posts coming this month!

That is one of my favorite quotes as well. Ahhh, Douglas Adams. :)

Christine Smith

EEP. I’M SO EXCITED!!! Look at all the lovely posts lined up. *heart-eyes* I’ve been on vacation and just got back yesterday, so I’m a little behind on the February goodness (okay, I’m a little behind on EVERYTHING). But I hope to join in on the hashtag game anyway and the tag! I just love Fantasy Month! :D



Hope you had a lovely vacation! Welcome aboard the hashtag express!

I’m glad you love Fantasy Month! I love it, too!


Yay! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the hashtag game! Coming up with the prompts is always my least favorite thing… but after that, it’s all just fun.


Totally understand! Feel free to grab the tag and I look forward to seeing any of your answers to the hashtag prompts! Good luck with the agent hunt!!

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