Fifth Annual February is Fantasy Month: Join the Party

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It’s no secret that I love winter. It’s been snowing lightly outside for days now, and the world is white and beautiful here. But not everybody loves winter, and a large number of people seem to hate February in particular with a higher degree of intensity. It’s gray, it’s cold, the excitement of Christmas is over, and to add insult to injury everybody’s least-favorite Hallmark-invented holiday arrives in the middle of the month to either guilt us into reminding our loved ones that we love them, or to make us feel lonely if we don’t have a significant other.

Enter FANTASY MONTH! A month-long celebration of all things fantastical, that will whisk you away on a virtual vacation and help speed along the month of February.

And that’s why I created this event. Because February gets a lot of grief, and there should be something done about it.

I honestly can’t believe this is the fifth year that I’ve been running this blogging event. It has been such a fun event to run, and I am so thrilled that so many of you seem to enjoy it with me.

I try to have a theme ever year, and this year, we’re focusing on World Building and Fantasy Creatures! I’ve got a ton of epic blog posts lined up for you in which we will take a closer look at the world building of some of our favorite fantasy realms, and then we’ll deep-dive into creating a whole new world and look at what is involved in that. There will be posts on every day except Sunday (yes, I’m already exhausted and the month has barely begun, but who cares! We’ll sleep when we’re old). I also have some awesome guest posters joining us each week, and many other bloggers already planning to join the fun through the link-up, as well.

The end of this month also marks the 8th birthday of King’s Warrior (and technically its paradoxical 2nd birthday, since I released it on Leap Day), so I’m having an epic giveaway to celebrate!

And if you want to join the fun, there are several ways you can do so.

You can enter the giveaway, leave comments on blog posts (you can get an entry a day just by leaving comments on various blog posts), if you have a blog of your own feel free to join the link-up (instructions below), or just read and share the posts with your friends on social media!

February is Fantasy Month 2


The rules are simple:

1. Write a blog post about anything fantasy related. (Literally anything. You don’t even have to follow this year’s topic, though I’ll give you bonus points if you do… not that those bonus points are worth anything extra…. *grin* but truly, any fantasy topic is fair game. Fantasy book/movie/tv show reviews also count! If you don’t want to come up with your own post idea, then feel free to grab the Tag (I’ll be posting that on Monday) and use that as your fantasy month post).

2. Refer somewhere in the post that you are doing this for February is Fantasy Month and link back to this blog.

3. Put your post’s URL in the link up.

4. Have fun!

And that’s all there is to it! Simple, right?

Because someone asked: if you write more than one fantasy-related post, PLEASE FEEL FREE to post the URL here for multiple posts! This is a month-long celebration of fantasy and we don’t want to miss any of your fabulous musings on the subject. So you are definitely welcome to join the link-up more than once!!!

Join the Link-up – remember, this year, joining the link-up with your first post gets you 5 entries in the giveaway!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

The Epic Giveaway

Due to the massive amounts of treasure required to send anything larger than a letter via dragon these days, all physical giveaway items are open to US addresses only unless otherwise noted.

 Minstrel's Song Series graphic1 complete signed paperback set of The Minstrel’s Song series

1 complete e-book set of The Minstrel’s Song series (open internationally)



1 paperback copy of Five Poisoned Apples



1 paperback copy of Orphan’s Song by Gillian Bronte Adams (original cover)


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 5.09.29 PM


1 paperback set of  The Story Peddler + The Story Raider by Lindsay A. Franklin



1 paperback copy of the Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales anthology



1 paperback copy of the Mythical Doorways anthology

 Hidden Dagger

1 signed paperback of your choice from J.L. Mbewe’s Hidden Dagger Trilogy



1 ebook copy of The Cursed Flame by Selina J. Eckert (international)


Bookmark Back Bookmark


Cursed Flame Bookmarks



1 audiobook code for Horseman by Kyle Robert Shultz




Set of Awesome Fantasy Bookmarks

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.04.18 PM

1 Castle Magnet

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.04.27 PM

1 King’s Warrior key-chain

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.04.41 PM

1 Minstrel’s Call Bag of Holding

Mountain Segue

What do you think? Does this month sound like it’s going to be an epic blast or what? Which of these prizes would you most like to win? Leave me a comment letting me know! I will do my best to match up winners with their desired prizes.

You can gain entries in a variety of ways, but the way to earn the most entires is by coming to the #FantasyMonth event and commenting on blog posts! You can get one entry each day through comments! You can also gain entries over on Instagram or Twitter by participating in the photo challenge. Here are the prompts for each day (no prompts on Sundays).

IG Fantasy Month 2020 Challenge

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the Fantasy Month fun: Subscribe to my blog today! (I can’t figure out how to add it as a link to this post, but it’s right up there at the upper right-hand corner of the blog if you’re on a computer).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

~ jenelle


Sarah Pennington

What’s this I spy? A giveaway in which a major form of earning entries is commenting on blog posts? *does the knuckle-cracking hand-stretch thing* I got this.

Giveaway aside, I am super excited for February is Fantasy Month. And now I need to start figuring out blog posts . . . maybe I’ll try to do some of the IG challenge as well. We shall see.

Sarah Pennington

Quick question on the photo challenge-as-giveaway-entry: does participating at all count as one entry? Does each photo for the photo challenge count as one entry? Or does it only count if you do pics for all the themes or whatever?


Yes, I thought of you when I made comments each day count for the rafflecopter :) I thought, “Well, Sarah will enjoy that.” :) :)

The way I’m doing the photo challenge entries is that you can get an entry once a day basically by joining any part of the photo challenge OR you could gain an entry simply by using the #FantasyMonth hashtag if you don’t like the prompts and having it in some way relate back to this event… I’m not picky. So any day you post a pic to IG that goes with that day’s challenge theme (or uses the #FantasyMonth hashtag), you can get an entry. Does that make sense? So if you do every day’s theme, you can gain up to 25 entries. But if you just do a day or two, then you just get the entries for the days you do.

Does that make sense? Or am I being more confusing than necessary?

Diane Tibert

Jenelle, did you start February is Fantasy Month? I learned about it three years ago, but I never knew where it started. I’m participating this year in my own way.

Diane Tibert

Perhaps, I didn’t ask the question correctly. Did you create February is Fantasy Month? In other words, were you the first person to do it? I’d like to know because on future posts to my blog, I’d credit you with the one who ‘invented’ it.

Reynolds Ashton

I have been looking forward to this! So glad and grateful for all the work you put into this celebration!


IT’S HEEEERE!!!! *does a happy dance* And oh my gracious goodness, it looks like you have OUTDONE yourself! Aaaahhhhh! So much goodness to look forward to! This will definitely brighten up February. I’m so excited! :D


I’m so excited! I’ve been pretty much focused on Fantasy Month for the past 3 weeks and I’m jumping out of my skin over here because it’s HERE!!!!!!


I had a day when I was sick and zazzle called my name. I’ve been excited about getting some of the swag actually purchased but needed an excuse… HUZZAH FOR GIVEAWAYS!


Question: Is it permissible to add multiple blog posts to the link-up throughout the month if they’re related to the theme?


YES! (I did add that info up at the top of the blog post because you’re not the only one to ask me this question). Any and all fantasy-related blog posts are welcome in the link-up. Only the first one counts for entries in the giveaway, but yes! Please add all your fantasy blog posts to the link up!

Liv K. Fisher

I LOVE February is Fantasy Month! Also, I’m totally drooling over Darkened Hope and The Cursed Flame. ;) I just finished typing up a post on storyworlds. God willing, it’ll be up Tuesday morning!


Oh my goodness!!!! How on earth have I been sneakily sneaking through your fantasy posts and have NOT checked this one out yet??? IT’S EVEN PINNED AT THE TOP, KENZIE. WHAT ON EARTH. XD Oooh, so I think I’ve missed some days to enter blog comments and get entries, but that’s all right! It’s never too late to start, right? XD (also, I would absolutely ADORE the Minstrel’s Song set if I won. [and of course that's a giant IF, but I mean??? a girl can dream, can't she? XD])

I am SO beyond excited for Fantasy month!!! I’m already loving it… And EEP! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KING’S WARRIOR!!! That is SO exciting!!! *dons party hat and flings cake everywhere*


:) It’s so easy to miss things, especially when they’re coming so fast like they do during Fantasy Month. I think next year I’m going to nix Saturdays as posting days. It’s too much to write and probably too much to keep up with as a reader.

I’m so happy you’re here and joining the fun this year!

And thank you! (snatches cake out of the air and eats it… mmmm… delicious!)

Marlene Simonette

I started drooling when I saw the prizes… XD
My top three choices (if by some miracle I win something):
-Five Poisoned Apples
-Horseman audiobook
-Fantasy bookmark pack

Looking forward to reading through everyone’s posts!
Hopefully I’ll get one of my own up within the next week or so…


Welcome to Fantasy Month! I’m so excited to be able to give away these prizes (and grateful for the other authors joining in the giveaway fun, as well)

dynal roberson

Looks like February is a great month! I love fantasy books and this posting has brought a lot of new reads to my attention!


Welcome! February is Fantasy Month is my favorite event of the year. (Well, tied for favorite with the Silmaril Awards in September) :) :)


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