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Character Interviews

Dear fellow author, due to a limited amount of time, a desire to only read paper-pages books (I dislike reading e-books), and the fact that this is not a book-review blog, I do not accept review requests.

However, I love helping out my fellow authors, so a feature I enjoy having on my blog is Character Interviews. I run these a little differently than most interviews you’ve seen. I like to collaborate with you to create a scene in which I get to step inside your book and talk directly to your chosen character – which means that when you answer the questions I send you, I need you to include any reactions, dialogue tags, or action beats that are appropriate to the location where I am meeting them. This usually requires a bit of extra effort, as it means I will generally send you a list of 4-5 questions, and then maybe a follow-up or two once I’ve read your characters’ answers. I add in my own reactions and observations as though I were a character, and then publish the interview.

You can find examples of previous interviews HERE - I highly recommend you read one or two of these to get an idea of what it is I’m after. This will help your interview go smoothly.

My readers enjoy this feature more than your basic Q&A because 1) it’s different and 2) they get a better feel for the writing style of a new author!

If you are interested in participating in this feature, please send me an email at and include the following information:

1. Please write “Character Interview Request” in the subject line of your email.
2. Your name.
3. Title/Genre of your book (amazon link if the book is published)
4. The name of the character you want me to interview and a brief physical description of them
5. A description of the location INSIDE your book where I will be meeting with them.


This blog is read primarily by young adults and young families. Some of my readers are even as young as eight years old. In that vein, I only promote wholesome, family-friendly books/movies/music/art. Thus, I am only interested in promoting artists whose works are family-friendly/YA appropriate. If your book contains bedroom scenes, crude or foul language, innuendo, or graphic violence, then I am afraid that this is not the place for your interview.

Also, my site is visited primarily by fans of the speculative fiction genre, and so that is the genre I am most interested in promoting. I may make certain exceptions for other genres if I have read and absolutely loved your book outside of the spec. fiction genre, but that will be on a case-by-case basis.