Forgive me

I am sorry I never got around to posting last week. It has been a bit crazy around here what with everyone getting sick, me joining a new aerobics class (a first for me! so far I love it), and weaning my 18month old from her pacifier… a truly horrifying experience for a few days. In all the hubbub, the blog completely slipped my mind.

Of course, I have my doubts as to whether or not anyone actually reads this, but I suppose it’s the principle of the thing, right? I said I’d post at least once a week, and last week got forgotten. Sorry.

Let’s see, in the past few weeks I have been furiously re-modeling my first book. As it is the first in the series, it is the one that needs the most work. I feel as though it is mirroring the bathroom remodel that is also currently underway at my house… I’m leaving the walls in place, and the original sink and tub, but I’m re-tiling, re-painting, and putting in new up-to-date fixtures in. :) Like the metaphor?

I think I’m pretty much done with the first 3 chapters. I am now moving into the “meat” of the story. I also have an editor reading over my story as I refurbish and fine-tuning a lot of what I’ve edited/re-written. It is a fun process, because I’m doing the big stuff, while my editor is looking for all the nit-picky little details like when I’ve been redundant or where I’ve said something twice just in different ways… like I just did there… did YOU catch it? He’s also looking through for small discrepancies between stories, making sure all my characters stay IN character, and tightening up spots where I’ve used 3-5 “weaker” words when one “strong”one would be plenty.

So, if anyone actually reads this… what sorts of things would you like to see posted here? What are you curious about? What would you like to know? What would make you come back to check for updates or even… perchance… make you recommend this blog to a friend? Comments are welcome!

Hope you are having a lovely week.

~ jenelle

I love hearing from you, dear Reader!