Going Dark

Whew! What an awesome month October was! I had so many things going on: we have begun work on the interior finishing of our house, I participated in several blog tours, read and reviewed some awesome books, interviewed a myriad of interesting characters, ran #drachtober, issued a spooky story challenge, wrote 2 pieces of flash-fiction (one for the blog, one which I submitted to an online magazine), and went on a family-reunion-vacation smack-dab in the middle of the month, which was particularly awesome.

However, all of that busy-ness has amounted to practically ZERO writing getting done on the next Turrim Archive book. And that needs to be attended to.

What that means is that I’m planning a little November hiatus from this blog AND social media in general so that I can get some writing done.

I’m actually going to attempt to participate in NaNoWriMo this month for real! I set up my novel on the website and everything. I’m Jenelle72521 over there if anyone else is doing NaNo and wants to be my buddy!

So this is my official announcement…

I am going Internet Dark until the blog-o-versary party in December.

Don’t forget to leave comments asking me questions!!

If you see me online… feel free to remind me to get back to work.

I’ll just leave a few of these motivational images of some of my favorite characters here to remind me of what it is I’m supposed to be doing…

Okay, that leaves out quite a few of my absolute favorite characters, but I couldn’t find any from The Princess Bride or NCIS or Stargate… a gross oversight on the part of meme-makers everywhere. But I don’t have time to make them myself right now…. maybe another day!

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Thanks for the heads up. As Count Rugen might say, “If you haven’t got your writing, you haven’t got anything.”

Writing is the main thing and I’m glad you’ll be hitting it hard. Still, I will miss your posts. I look forward to the blog-o-versay though!


I’m going to miss blogging… but hopefully it will make the posts I come up with between now and December (because the most surefire way for me to suddenly have TONS of blogging ideas is to announce that I’m going on a hiatus) even more awesome than ever! :) LOL

Thanks for the encouragement, and bonus points for referencing The Princess Bride!!

L. Palmer

Good luck with the writing! I was hoping to do NaNoWriMo this year. Instead, I’m hoping to publish my next book by the time I go home for Christmas.


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