If you’re just joining us, this is day 14 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, in which nearly 2000 bloggers are blogging every day in April (except Sundays) with each day’s post revolving in some way around the corresponding letter of the alphabet. We hit the halfway mark yesterday! So today’s post here at my blog is “N” for “nerdiness”

Okay, I was going to talk about how much of a nerd I am today (and proud of it!) I might have discussed my love affair with Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, and all things Firefly. I might have told you about how I love Euro-Gaming, and that I have actually spent time perusing

But most of you already know (or could glean) those things about me. So instead of telling you, I thought I’d show you… complete with all-original music, lyrics, and…. er…. “choreography.” :)

WARNING: EXTREME SILLINESS is contained in the following video. Side-effects may contain, but are not limited to, chuckles, guffaws, giggles, side-splitting laughter, a strange urge to get up and dance, and having the ridiculous lyrics stuck in your head all. day. long.

Procede watching at your own risk!

Yeah… that’s what my siblings and I do for fun… make movies (and/or music videos). We’re nerds. But we have fun.

~ jenelle



You guys own a Dell, good for you 8-D

You have such cool siblings!!! Siblings like them are the best!


LOL And there’s a reason the Dell was the computer being depicted as “caked with muddy-muddy” LOL We’re all pretty loyal Apple fans over here!


I showed this to my sisters and you should have HEARD them laugh! It was hilarious! XD (However, I have to suffer through my eight-year old sister pantomiming punching people in the face for the entire day…ah well. It was worth it. XD)

LuAnn Braley

I’ve spent a lot of years being “too serious” and/or “older than I am”. I’m now anticipating and/or entering my 2nd childhood and making up for lost time! :p


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!