Nightstand Books for a New School Year

Summer reading was fun! But now Autumn approacheth… and so… more books must be knighted to stand at the ready for voracious readers to enjoy the stories they hold!


Nope, that’s not my nightstand, but “Coffee Table Books” just doesn’t sound as good… Grayden was sleeping and I didn’t want to go in and wake him up when I wanted to take the picture.

This isn’t the complete stack of books, but there are a few waiting for me at the library that I need to go pick up that I didn’t have yet when I took the picture.

So… from the top down:

The Great Turkey Walk - by Katharine Karr

This is the book we are reading for Language Arts. School started back up yesterday, and it all went rather well, actually, they introduced famed writing -chemistry tutoring services this year, which will help out the students in a very significant way. This story is fun, so far. I am interested to see where it goes. The narrator has been easy to like from the first chapter.

Wild Born – by Brandon Mull

Still reading this with Nathalie. She LOVES it, and I am looking forward to the next book, because it was written by Shannon Hale… and I like her writing style better than Mull’s. Apparently this series was written by a collaboration of authors. Or something. I need to look it up, because I’m intrigued, and it appears that every book is written by a different author. It is a fun, fantasy adventure so far.

Jim Elliot – by Janet and Geoff Benge

Leiana pulled this one out of the church library and I’m reading it to the kids. It’s weird, reading this to people who don’t already know how the story ends. Growing up in Wheaton, it seemed to me that EVERYONE in the world had heard the name Jim Elliot (he went to Wheaton College). Nate Saint’s son came and spoke at one of our chapel services in high school, and he brought the chief of the Waodani and HIS son as well. It was incredible to hear the story from them.

This is a great series of books, and I enjoy learning things I didn’t know before in this story I’ve heard countless times.

William Wilberforce – by John Holzmann

This is what we are reading for History right now. So far, it’s interesting. I enjoy the books that Mr. Holzmann has written for the Sonlight curriculum.

Starting Strong – by Paula Rinehart

This is a study on the life of Simon Peter, which goes along with our Bible reading for each day.

Holy Bible for KIDS

We use Leiana’s Bible for our daily readings. It’s ESV and has some nice pictures. Nice edition.

Castle Behind Thorns – by Merrie Haskell

I have enjoyed everything I’ve read from this author, and this book is no exception. They have a fairy tale feel, but are not always retellings. This one has been quite intriguing and I can’t wait to find out how it all turns out.

Not Pictured:

I have been given the extremely awesome privilege to beta-read The Brightest Thread by Silmarillion Award Blogger Tracey Dyck! I am super excited to dive into that this month.

I am going to be heading to the library shortly and picking up Winter, Fairest, and Stars Above: A Collection of Lunar Chronicles Short Stories so that I can read ALL the rest of the Lunar Chronicles that exist. They are that good.

And that should be plenty for September… don’t you think?

What books are on your nightstand, dear Reader?


~ jenelle


Deborah O'Carroll

Fun! I might get around to doing a post for this in the next week or two… :P Ooh, I’m going to read Tracey’s too! *is excited* And I can’t wait to hear what you think of all the Lunar Chronicles books. :)

Currently I have a few review books to read, but I also just went to a library sale and got a couple books in the mail so I want to be reading THOSE too! And… yes, I need more time to read. XD


I’m jotting down notes so that I can do a big Whole Series Review of the Lunar Chronicles! So far… I really like them!

Always enjoy seeing your Nightstand posts! Ooh… library sales are so dangerous…

Tracey Dyck

I…almost miss having a stack of assigned reading for school. o.o Right now it’s all textbooks, but one can’t expect to find anything to do with fiction in a business course.

I hope you enjoy Winter! It’s tied with Cress as my favorite Lunar Chronicles book! Expect much gasping and frustration (the good kind). :) I still need to read Fairest and Stars Above…

*is immeasurably delighted to see The Brightest Thread mentioned* <333


I have to get to the library to pick up the rest of the Lunar Chronicles… I can’t wait to read them… but then they’ll be over… and that will be sad…

So excited to dive into The Brightest Thread now that I’ve finished Castle Behind Thorns!

DJ Edwardson

I love getting insight into what you’re reading to your kids. Some great biographical stuff with Elliot and Wilberforce in there. I confess that I don’t know as much about Wilberforce as I’d like. I saw the movie “Amazing Grace” and have read some quotes but not much beyond that. He seems like one of the unsung heroes of his generation.


Honestly, I sort of recognized the name when we started reading. It wasn’t until a couple chapters in that we read a footnote about John Newton and “Amazing Grace” that I started to put together that I should recognize this person a lot more than I did.

Leiana was all like, “OH! I KNOW THIS STORY! This was an Adventure in Odyssey!!!”


Adventures in Odyssey for the win.

Madeline J. Rose

Ooh, Spirit Animals! I love Shannon Hale’s writing style so much! ^_^

I’m reading Tracey’s novel too!! She was so nice to let me beta read. :)

And YES. LUNAR CHRONICLES ARE AMAZING. :D I won’t spoil anything, but Winter is SO GOOD. ;)