Nominations Are Open


Nominations are now closed!

Nominations for the Silmarillion Awards are officially open! You can find the other awards at the blogs listed below… and make sure you go visit them and nominate your favorite characters!


Here on my blog I am hosting the Most Nefarious Villain Silmaril

Now, we are in no way condoning the idea of putting a precious silmaril in the hands of a villain… don’t worry! But they still get their own category, because without villains, our heroes would lead rather boring lives, don’t you agree? Those nominated for this award should definitely be those with the blackest hearts, those who are greedy for power, and wish harm upon all our precious heroes and heroines. Try to think of the villain you most want to see defeated… and then go on down into the comments and nominate that villain! Or second a villain who has already been nominated.

The top five nominated villains will make it into the final voting round, so make sure you look and see who else has been nominated.

This year the nominations are only running for ONE WEEK! Nominations close at 11:59pm on Friday, July 7.

The Rules:

1. You may only vote for any given character once (you cannot, for example, nominate Darth Vader and then second him, as well)

2. These have to be FANTASY characters (so you cannot, for example, nominate Darth Vader at all)

3. If you are an author, you may not nominate or second any of your OWN characters (but feel free to let your readers know about the awards and encourage them to nominate/vote for your characters)

4. During the nomination phase, you may nominate and second as many characters as you like!

5. Please include the title of the book your character is from. Even I, avid fantasy fan that I am, have not read ALL the fantasy books out there!

6. Tolkien characters are the Ultimate Standard for these awards, and present them to the winners every year. As such, they are ineligible to win the Silmarillion Awards, please do not nominate them. Sauron may be okay with giving a Silmaril to himself, but we think that would seem a bit rigged.

7. Characters who have won in previous years get LIFETIME Silmarils, and thus cannot be eligible to win again. Last year’s winner was Narnia’s WHITE WITCH. She is quite happy with her Silmaril and does not enjoy leaving her ice palace… so she would appreciate it if you refrained from nominating her. She knows she’s the evilest of all.

A list of last year’s winners:

Most Epic Hero: Robin Hood
Most Nefarious Villain: The White Witch (Chronicles of Narnia)
Riddling/Poetry – Silver Tongued Silmaril – The Sorting Hat (Harry Potter)
Wisest Councillor – Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia)
Strangest Character – Puddleglum (Chronicles of Narnia)
Most Loyal Friend – Reepicheep (Chronicles of Narnia)
The rest of the Silmarils are BRAND NEW this year!

Joining us this year are quite a few authors in the Fellowship of Fantasy, who have donated some prizes for us to giveaway throughout this event. Make sure you visit all the blogs, because each blog has a different giveaway running, and you won’t want to miss out! Seriously, I wish I could enter some of these giveaways, myself….

I am giving away a paperback copy of Coiled by H.L. Burke and a paperback copy of King’s Warrior.

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Remember to spread the word! Our “official” hashtag this year is #SilmAwards2017 and feel free to grab the infographic below and share it!


And a reminder of the other blogs and awards for this event – which you should make sure you visit this week and get your nominations in for those Silmarils and enter the giveaways they have going on – not all the blogs are posting at the same time, but they will all be posting today. Nominations will be open all week!

Wisest Councillor Silmaril – Tracey @ Adventure Awaits

Least Competent Henchman Silmaril – Kyle @ KyleRobertShultz

Silver Tongue Silmaril – Madeline @ Short and Snappy

Most Epic Hero Silmaril – Abbey @Regarding Reading and Writing

Strangest Character Silmaril – Savannah @Scattered Scribblings

Most Epic Heroine Silmaril – Deborah @Road of a Writer

Most Mischievous Imp Silmaril – Elise @Author E.E. Rawls

Most Magnificent Dragon Silmaril – DJ @DJ Edwardson

Most Loyal Friend Silmaril – Zac @Zachary Totah

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