Out of Her Skin: A Flash Fiction Piece

Published Havok

I have a new flash fiction story published over at HAVOK today!

This one is a little fantasy piece titled OUT OF HER SKIN. I think you’ll like it.

For any of you who do not have a paid subscription to Havok e-zine, TODAY is the ONLY day you can read this short story for FREE!

This month’s theme is part of Havok’s “Stories that Sing” series, and August’s stories are all connected in some way to songs from the 60s! Part of the fun is trying to guess which song inspired the story!

I would be extremely honored if you would consider stopping by to read this little piece of mine, and I’m curious to see if any of you guess the song correctly! Votes and comments are all tallied by the editors when it comes to choosing stories to be included in the bi-yearly anthology, so if you read the story and it touches your heart, would you consider leaving a comment and/or a vote?

Even if you’re not a Havok member, you CAN comment! It might look like the comments aren’t going through, but they ARE, they just need to wait for approval by the moderators, after which point, they will be visible. 


~ jenelle




Yes… the song kind of lent itself easily to a tragedy. Which I enjoy writing sometimes. Most of the time I’m all about HEA endings, but with flash fiction I get to branch out a bit more. :)


Aaaahhhh, Jenelle! It was so saaaadddd! But also BEAUTIFUL. And just GAH. I LOVED IT. Even if it made my heart ache.

I commented on Havok as well, but I had to tell you over here too how much I loved it! SO SO GOOD.

Also congrats on having another piece accepted by Havok! :D


CHRISTINE!!!!! awwwww, thank you so much for your kind words! You are so sweet.

I’m so glad that this little story seems to have struck that perfect balance of sweet and sad. The song it was inspired by (I can now say which one it was because they posted it on the site!) is “Bitter Green” by Gordon Lightfoot and it just sort of lent itself perfectly to that kind of beautiful tragic sort of story. I kinda wrote it in a whirlwind at the last minute and wasn’t entirely certain if *I* even liked it. But the Havok team are such a dream to work with and they helped me perfect it so nicely. :)


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