Please Excuse the Construction Dust


Just wanted to give you a quick head’s up that this little blog will be getting a major overhaul in the next couple of weeks. We’ve been wanting to update my website for a good long while, now. The design is six years old and starting to look a little dated. But there have been so many things going on the past six months (Silmaril Awards, Christmas Picture Book release, Fantasy Month) that there hasn’t been a good time to just pause and actually get the work done.

But we’ve finally had the time, and now that most of my big announcements and releases and blogging challenges have occurred, we find ourselves with a little bit of breathing space here in the Stormcave.

So, it seems like a good time to just get the re-model underway.

All that to say… I’m not going to have any new posts for a while… and the site itself may go down for a bit as we work on getting the new version up and running.

Also, when we come back, this place is going to look VERY DIFFERENT.


I love WordPress, and it’s given me a good run these past 7.5 years, but there are things I want to incorporate into my site that are not simple or intuitive (or even possible) with WordPress, and so we’ve made the decision to switch platforms completely, and it’s going to take some getting used to. It’s going to be good. I’ve been working with my web-designer for the past couple of weeks on this and I am super excited about the way that this place is going to look when it’s all said and done… but the remodel is going to be pretty drastic. It’s kind of like we’re keeping the foundation and building a whole new house on top of it.

I’m excited to show it to you! All I ask is that you be a little patient. As with all remodeling projects, there will probably be some hiccoughs with user-interface and I already know that the new platform doesn’t have quite as simple of a subscription interface, so if you’re used to getting these posts in your email inbox, that might look a little different… but I’m hoping to be able to get that all up and running with as little difficulty as possible.

See you on the other side!

Mountain Segue

~ jenelle


Jim Walker

I have no doubt the end result will be fantastic if you and Derek have anything to do with it!


EEEEE!!! How exciting! I hope it all goes well! I know what a headache it can be… I switched my blog from blogger to wordpress last year and, wow, so much work. But it was 10000% worth it! So I’m proud of you for doing what’s best for your platform, and I KNOW the end result will be gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it! :D


I’m excited about it! Yes, it is a lot of work (even though I’m not doing most of it… huzzah for husbands who know how to do stuff!) :)


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!