Regarding the state of the union…

Because… why not?
I was having an email conversation with my dad about his home-building business. As we chatted, I felt that his thoughts on the subject were something that others should hear, so I took it upon myself to (with permission) use his words to write the following blog post on the state of small-business owners (because it’s not just the builders who are struggling) and the state of our world in general. So, without further ado:

Almost All Builders are struggling.

Very Few Homeowners are buying.

When the Banks qualify the few Homeowners who are willing to proceed, to help the Builders stop struggling, the Banks then scrutinize the struggling Builders and tell them that their Homeowners can help them stop struggling when the builders stop struggling on their own.  Once the Builders have stopped struggling due to the lack of customers, then the banks will allow those people who want to build homes to become customers.

However, the Builders must first build financial strength without building for customers.  Once the Builders can demonstrate that they no longer need customers, then the banks will allow them to work with the customers they no longer need.

As Jack Sparrow would say, “You’re not making any sense at all, man.”
However, that is the Building Market in a “nutshell.”

And, actually, the economy as a whole. And possibly, our President’s agenda.

I think I could become a spokesman for the Obama Administration, convincing the American People that all of the absurd and purposefully damaging policies to the United States that are in the process of being implemented are indeed meant to be damaging as this is the only way to help the American People become damaged. If the American People are damaged thoroughly enough then they will no longer be vulnerable to damaging policies.  Once the American People have become fully damaged and in fact not the American People any longer, then the President can come in and “rescue” the people that he has destroyed by creating an Un-American Country and then claim all credit for rescuing the World from the American People that he despises.

 At least something to think about… no?

~ jenelle

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