Second Son Read-Along: Chapter 1

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Second Son Read Along

Chapter 1 – where it all begins.

We move forward in time 15 years from where we left off in the Prologue and we meet our protagonists: two young princes from Llycaelon.

Ky and Rhoyan

I did not originally set out to start the story when they were so young. This chapter just sort of happened. I also didn’t know when I started writing the story how strong the friendship between these two was as children. But as I began writing, this relationship fell into place naturally. The younger brother looking up to the older, the older looking out for the younger.

Study and Play

I enjoyed being able to show this glimpse of a normal day for these two. The classroom with an understanding tutor, the imaginative play in the tunnels, the unsanctioned swim (for those of you who have the paperback, you can flip the book over and catch a glimpse of Rhoyan and Ky leaping from the cliffs into the water.

Okay, for those of you who don’t have the lovely paperback, here’s the original painting.


I also used this chapter to begin building up some of the mystery surrounding Rhoyan as well as some foreshadowing in the moment when he recites his independent findings for Master Hobard, and then is disappointed that his tutor asks him no follow-up questions:

He had learned something about himself in the study of his family’s history, and he had wanted to share his discovery: he was the first second son to be born in his entire family’s history. It didn’t mean anything much, of course, but it was interesting and he had been curious as to whether or not his teacher was aware of the fact. 

The sparring match was another place where I wove in a little foreshadowing, but I won’t reveal what it’s foreshadowing for those of you reading for the first time (and who haven’t read King’s Warrior).

Discussion Questions:

1. An important visitor has arrived for dinner. Who could it be?
2. How do you feel about the characters that have been introduced so far?

~ jenelle


Sarah Pennington

1. I sorta peaked at the first page of the next chapter, so I technically know the answer . . . but in a broader sense, I suspect that the visitor will be someone who will set off or introduce some kind of conflict between the brothers.
2. I think they’re interesting and I’m curious to see what they become.


Heheh, yeah it’s like the first word of the next chapter, I think. LOL However, I do believe you may have guessed correctly on what that visitor’s role in the story might be.

Nancy Jean Walker

I really like seeing the entire painting for the book cover! :) It conveys the joy of youth!

Deborah O'Carroll

Ooh, your Havok story was so spooky! I couldn’t seem to comment/vote since I don’t have an account there yet… but I read it! :)

Their relationship is simultaneously my fave and heartbreaking. XD Ooh, I love seeing the whole artwork like that! I do have a paperback but because of the spine I never noticed that area below the cliffs with the cave and stuff! :O So cool!

I love the mystery and the foreshadowing and stuff. It’s super fun re-reading this!


Thanks!!! I did see a comment from you on the site, so that’s weird. My mom said the same thing, but then her comment showed up there, as well. Thanks for making sure I knew, though!

Yes… same here.

:) I like being able to share the entire painting, because the bar-code covers up the little boat that’s been dragged up on shore, too. We tried to figure out another place to put it, but the perspective got wonky when we did that, so we decided just to leave it.

Yay! I’m glad you’re enjoying the re-read!


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