Second Son Read Along: Chapter 28 + Epilogue

Second Son Read Along

The last day of the read along! Also, happy 7th birthday to King’s Warrior! In celebration of its birthday, King’s Warrior is available for free on kindle today and tomorrow only!

Ah, the final chapters.

Chapter 28

This short chapter may end the book, but it begins a new chapter for Brant. With the birth of his son, he finds a new purpose in life, a new adventure to set out upon. Symbolically, on the day his son is born, Brant buries the implements of his past and the sole remaining items he has kept with him from Llycaelon and sets his energy wholly and completely towards this new adventure.

“Now I have died twice,” he whispered, “but I have died this time that I may truly live and discover what life may be.”


“And so the Dragon’s Eye rises and sets and another story ends.”

And here, at the end… or rather, the true beginning, we get another glimpse of our wandering minstrel, Kiernan Kane. And his words hold a portent and clues of adventures to come… and though Brant does not yet know it, his story is not yet complete.

Discussion Questions:

1. How did you feel about the way this book ended?

2. Was there anything you particularly liked or disliked about the way the story ended? Anything you feel was left as too much of a loose end? Anything you’re hoping for in the rest of the series?

3. General reactions to the book as a whole?

Not a question, but just wanted to say, “Thank you!” to all who read along with me! It was fun! I hope you enjoyed it, and that the rest of the year holds many more wonderful books for you to discover!

~ jenelle


Nancy Jean Walker

1) The ending really made me want more details; so I’m glad there are more books in which I’ll be able to get those! ;)
2) I liked the mystery surrounding this event: “Ky & Arnaud” had children born on the same day; some folks could “read the signs” that something important had happened. I liked how Brant seemed to find a peaceful way of life, but sad at Seamus’ turmoil.
3) I enjoyed reading this book and was left with a yearning to learn more about the characters and what adventures lie ahead for them!

Sarah Pennington

1. I thought it was a solid ending. The epilogue was interesting, and I’m glad we get to see Brant settling into his new life.
2. I’m very confused about why Kiernan Kane was monologuing to apparently no one. Then again, Hoid also monologues to apparently no one (or, at best, to miscellaneous animals), so he’s in good company.
3. I think it’s a good book. Not the best book I’ve ever read, but still enjoyable.


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