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I wasn’t going to post anything today… my plan was to give you the Fridays of the month off so you have time to go read the other posts that have been added to the linky list and maybe leave those bloggers some comments. So, after this week, I won’t be posting on Fridays in February.

However, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I suddenly had a question. It’s not necessarily the most important question, but I’m curious. I’m going to be gearing up to dive back into the final round of edits on Minstrel’s Call pretty soon here, and hopefully will have more information for you on the release date soon. Anyway… I had a question for you readers….

Who are the characters you “ship” in The Minstrel’s Song? Any “happily ever afters” you’re particularly hoping to find in the pages of the fourth and final book?

I’m not going to give anything away, mind – no worries! But I’m just genuinely curious, because sometimes we authors really don’t know what exactly our readers are thinking. Authors already know the outcomes, if there’s a romantic pairing to be made, we generally know beforehand who ends up with whom.

Anyway, a little fun Valentine’s Discussion for you. Because we can’t completely ignore Valentine’s Day… but we can add a fantastical twist to it!

Also, a picture of my littlest Valentines. Because… cuteness.

My Valentines


Happy Valentine’s, from my family to yours!

~ jenelle


Deborah O'Carroll

YUSSSS. YES I DO. Okay, so I don’t pretend to know all the “rules” about “shipping” (like if it doesn’t count anymore once they actually get together?) but here! :D

Oraeyn + Kamarie (^_^)
Kiernan + Leila (:P :D ?)
Brant + Dylanna (!! <3<3)

SO MUCH PRECIOUS. Eheh. :D They make me happy… so I hope they will continue to make me happy and get together, yes? XD There may be others, I don't know… (I really don't know if Kiernan and Leila could work out…? o.o But still.) I've only read King's Warrior (I did! I finally read it! :D lkasjdlkfjlkj) and Yorien's Hand, and that last was awhile ago so I may need to refresh my memory. BUT THEY ARE THE BEST AND SO CUUUTE AND I DEFINITELY SHIP THEM. ^_^ ALL THREE SETS. SO MUCH. <3 *flails and fangirls aggressively* Ahem. Sorrybutnotsorry. :P You did ask. ;)

(Also, yes, your little munchkins are adorable too. :D Also also, FINAL EDITS AND RELEASE DATES AND THIIIINGS. :D)


I have no idea what the rules of shipping characters are either. (I didn’t know there WERE rules) haha

Thanks for commenting! YAY! I’m so happy you read King’s Warrior!

(Yes, yes, my munchkins are the cutest. I admit it freely and apologize for nothing.) :)


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