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Last week was seriously crazy awesome!!! You all did SUCH an awesome job nominating all the characters and keeping us hosts extremely busy as more and more characters showed up at our humble abodes. At final count, we had FIFTY-FIVE wise counselors nominated over a total of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO comments. And this wasn’t even the most popular category!

We all feel that we each earned at least a minor in accounting just from tallying up all the seconds, but now, the dust has settled, and most of the nominees have been sent home (some went more willingly than others, I’m… quite happy not to be hosting Villains or their Henchmen this year… though the assorted counselors have seen fit to give me unsolicited advice on just about every aspect of my life all week… but… their advice has been filled with wisdom, so I can’t really complain!)

And now things have calmed down rather a lot and we are each left with only five house-guests each for the rest of the duration of the Silmaril Awards.

But there can only be one winner.

Okay, ten winners.

One per category.

It sounded better the way I said it… more final and exciting.

From fifty-five down to five… the Finalists in the Wisest Counselor category are:

Halt – a highly qualified Ranger and mentor to young Will Treaty. His grim, unsmiling visage conceal a heart of gold that feels much more than he shows. He cares deeply for the people he loves, and will do anything for them, even if it means losing his own status, reputation, or even his life.

Puddleglum - an extremely pessimistic marshwiggle with a tall, weedy appearance. Puddleglum always expects the worst to happen, and yet he always encourages everyone to put forth a bold face.

Remus Lupin - a wizard and Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at the wizarding school of Hogwarts, Lupin is distinguished as being perhaps the only teacher at the school who ever did anything to teach the students how to actually defend themselves against the dark arts. A caring teacher who actually listens to his students.

Beana - a faerie Knight of Farthestshore, Beana often wears the disguise of a nanny goat while protecting her young charge, Varvare/Rose Red and guiding her in the Near World. Beana is often a comfort to Rose Red, and one of her most constant companions.

Rayad - wanted by the emperor as a rebel, Rayad is a father-figure and mentor to a young ex-gladiator slave. Though he can be gruff at times, he is most known for being kind, thoughtful, and always there to offer advice, hope, and words of wisdom.

Unlike with the nomination posts, you can access the entire voting form below. But I would encourage you to continue on and read the other posts throughout the week to refresh your memory on each of the 50 characters who have made it to this final round!

Let the voting commence! Hurry to get your votes in! The polls close at midnight on Friday the Thirteenth! scary music wails eerily from an unknown source

Um? What was that? Lupin? Did you take your tonic thingy that keeps you from turning into a werewolf? No, Puddleglum, I don’t think it will rain at the ceremony, I do have some say in that, you know. Ahem.


(For clarification purposes: Polls close at 11:59pm on Friday night… but “midnight” sounds so much creepier… but tends to lead to confusion… so… yeah… see you at the Award Ceremony!)

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~ jenelle


Mary H.

*sobs* Why can’t I vote for two of themmmm?? :’( I know, I know. It’s only fair. But I’m sooo proud that Halt made it to the finals, yet I had to vote for Puddleglum instead. :( It’s a hard contest between the two, but I’m sliiightly more loyal to Puddleglum, who is slightly more beloved. Slightly. ;)

Such a fun contest! This category was the only one that wasn’t a no-brainer for me, and it IS more fun that way. ;)


Oh man, every single one of these is great! D:

There is literally only ONE category (Most Silver Tongue) that I know for sure who I’m voting for. The others I just CAN’T DECIIIIDE. This may be the hardest year yet! (Although I feel like I say that every year. XD)

Tracey Dyck

Ha, I love that you’ve been getting advice from all the counsellors. XD BUT BUT BUT WHYYYY is this one SO HARD. This might be the toughest category for me to choose this year! Halt, Puddleglum, and Lupin are all vying for my vote… I might cut Puddleglum out (as much as I love him) simply because he won a different category earlier. GAH. I DON’T KNOW. *wails into the void*


This one is SUPER hard. Especially since this is the only category where I know ALL FIVE of the nominees! (Yes, okay, I momentarily forgot who Rayad was, but once my memory was jogged it all came flooding back and I loves him!)


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!