Silmarillion Awards 2018: Update


Hello, fellow wanderers!

It is now June, which is usually about the time we start looking forward to the Silmarillion Awards! However, this year we are making a slight adjustment.

We are still having them! Never fear!

But we are changing the dates. You see, usually we like to schedule them through July, ending near July 29, the original publication date of the Lord of the Rings. However, right in the middle of July, this little conference called REALM MAKERS occurs. And, well, over half of our Silmarillion Awards bloggers are going to be attending, including Yours Truly, which makes running the SilmAwards a bit difficult.

So, we have decided to adjust and tweak and move the Silmarillion Awards to September.

This has multiple benefits:

First, it will no longer play bumper cars with Realm Makers.

Second, the Silmarillion was originally published on September 15, and since we take our name from that great work in honor of Tolkien’s genius (many thanks to the Tolkien Estate for letting us use the name) it works thematically slightly better than July.

Third, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’ birthday falls on September 22, which also makes it “Hobbit Day” in our realm.

Fourth, many significant events throughout the Lord of the Rings occur in September… including Frodo and Sam leaving Hobbiton, Gandalf meeting Shadowfax, and finally, Bilbo going to the Grey Havens (source)

Fifth, alliteration. Never underestimate the power of alliteration.

Sixth, and finally, summer is just busy. Hopefully September will be a better time for everyone to enjoy these awards and the hilarity and entertainment that they bring each year.

I will have exact dates and information for you when the event gets a bit closer, but for now I just wanted to update you with the general plan for this year’s 3rd annual Silmarillion Awards!

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

“Fifth, alliteration. Never underestimate the power of alliteration.” -truer words have never been spoken on this site.

Looking forward to the 3rd installment of these wonderful awards!


This is perfect! I was actually a little worried about the Silmarillion Awards, because I so love to join in but this summer I’m soooo busy with Realm Makers prep and then, ya know, Realm Makers itself, I didn’t know if I’d be able to participate in all the voting and things. But usually September is a much quieter month for me. So YES. I am excited!

Also alliteration. The key to happiness right there. *nods seriously*


Yay! Yeah, as soon as I bought my tickets to RM I started worrying about the SilmAwards. We all agreed that July is just a busy time, so September was a nice alternative.


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