Silmarillion Awards 2018

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Today I am here to announce that the Silmarillion Awards are returning for their THIRD year in a row… though, those of you who have been following us for more than the last twelve minutes will notice that they got bumped to a later time-slot this year. With 6 out of 11 bloggers who have participated in the Awards going to Realm Makers this year, we decided it was better to move them to September! Partially because of alliteration, and partially because this way we’re not competing too much with all the back-to-school excitement as much… most people should be settled in by then.

If you’ve been a part of this event before, you know the drill! We haven’t changed anything this year about the Awards themselves.

For those just tuning in, here is the basic gist:

The Silmarils of old were coveted jewels of great worth and power. In Tolkien’s Middle Earth, they were the most prized of all the wonders crafted by the elves.

Now, in Tolkien’s world, there were only three of these amazing jewels. But the hosts of the Silmarillion Awards have crafted TEN of them! And we award them to fictional characters that YOU vote for!

This year’s awards are the same as last year’s… we will be awarding a Silmaril for the following categories:

Wisest Councillor

Least Competent Henchman

Most Silver Tongued

Most Epic Hero

Strangest Character

Most Epic Heroine

Most Mischievous Imp 

Most Magnificent Dragon

Most Loyal Friend

Most Nefarious Villain

Each of these awards will be hosted by a different blogger who will be helping host the Silmarillion Awards. For a sneak peek at who is hosting what, you can click on each of the categories and it will take you to that host’s blog.

I will be opening up the nominations for the Least Competent Henchman here on this blog on September 3rd, along with a complete list of instructions and those pesky rules that are always necessary for these sorts of adventures… quests…. things….

Authors, remember, you cannot nominate your OWN characters…. BUT you are more than welcome to ask your fans to do so on your behalf!

Here are a couple of graphics in addition to the info-graphic above that you are welcome to use in order to share the news far and wide…

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Get excited and spread the word!!!!

~ jenelle


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