Silm Awards: Phase 2


First of all I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the nomination phase of the Second Annual Silmarillion Awards last week. We had an amazing turnout, and I am still a little giddy. (And I learned about some fantastic-sounding fantasy books that I need to read, so that’s always a bonus to this event!)

Over here in the Villain’s Corner, we had FIFTY-SIX villainous foes nominated, and while not all of them received seconds, that is a genuinely vast array of fiendish characters. I hope you all enjoyed the nomination round, because now comes the hard part… because one of these villains must rise to the top, and the responsibility for choosing the winner is squarely in your hands, dear Reader.

The voting form is the same on every blog, but you may want to make sure you visit the blogs and read about the top five candidates in each category before you start voting…. not only so that you can get a better idea of who is in the running, but also because today we are kicking off the SCAVENGER HUNT for the GRAND PRIZE! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to put together the poem in the correct order and type it into the voting form so that you can be entered to win this deliciously nerdy pack of Tolkienish items.

1 Grand Prize to Rule Them All…. a 24″ x 36″ map of Middle Earth with a lovely wooden frame, a replica of the One Ring, and a paperback copy of “Aratar, Peredhil, and Halflings, Oh My! The Ultimate Tolkien Quiz” book by Benita J. Prins.

1 Grand Prize To Rule Them All (1)


My blog is actually the last stop on this scavenger hunt, so I recommend you head over to ADVENTURE AWAITS, where the first line of the poem is hidden. Collect all the lines of the poem and arrange them in order in the voting form to be entered to win!

The final line to the poem is this:

The handiwork of Feanor, the Silmarils.

Now, a little bit about the five villains who clawed their way onto the voting form:

Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles - This evil queen is the sort of villain who may not point a weapon at you, herself, but she’ll manipulate someone else–even a loved one–into doing it for her. Hiding her dark and broken heart behind a glamour of beauty and holding her people in thrall, she rules the moon and has her sights set on earth. Not many dare to cross her, but those who do will be made to pay.

Death-in-Life from the Tales of Goldstone Wood – Though he has many titles, to most he is known simply as “The Dragon.” If this villain doesn’t make your blood run cold, I’m not sure any will. A massive, cunning creature of ultimate evil, The Dragon attacks the hearts of our heroes. A master manipulator and weaver of half-truths and lies, this villain is not satisfied with killing his victims, no, he lives to breathe poison into their very souls!

The Keeper from Entwined - After being contained in a secret passage under a castle for more years than he can remember, The Keeper is one villain you don’t want to get near. Under a handsome guise and charming wit hides a heart as black as night. Willing to use any means to get what he wants, The Keeper isn’t afraid of hurting anyone - or anything – to exact his revenge.

Shift from Chronicles of Narnia - Could there be another creature more despicable? Described by his author as “the cleverest, ugliest, most wrinkled Ape you could imagine” Shift is a con-artist of epic proportions. Unsatisfied with his own lack of belief, he sets out to make a mockery of what others believe. Motivated by greed, there is little this villain won’t stoop to in order to further his own ends.

Captain Hook from Peter Pan – Although this villain has been sadly declawed by the likes of a certain children’s-cartoon-creating studio, the original Captain Hook is far from comic relief. An evil and bloodthirsty man, these traits are what make Captain James Hook a magnificent pirate. Handsome, debonaire, and with a flourish of drama, this blackguard will stab you in the back and never think twice about it. He mistreats those around him and will never let go of a grudge.

And there you have it, dear Reader. I do not envy you the difficulty of the decision before you. I can only caution you with this: choose wisely… you wouldn’t want any of these Nefarious Villains to come after you for not voting for them!

You have until 11:59pm on Friday, July 14th to choose your favorites and complete the Scavenger Hunt!



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~ jenelle



I’m quite pleased to see that both the characters I nominated made it to the second round . . . even if that does make my decision that much harder!
Quick question: what’s the deadline on voting and entering the giveaway?


July 14th at 11:59pm! Thanks for asking, I added the info to the blog post!! Organizing this event while having a newborn at home is kind of like trying to juggle ferrets. (Not that I’ve ever done such a thing or would advocate for it, as the ferrets might get rather cranky about it if you tried).

And, I know… right? I don’t know who I’m going to vote for in…. any of the categories. I’m quite thankful that a few of the top nominees are from books I don’t know… because it makes things SLIGHTLY easier!

Abigail P.

Hi! I had a question. Is it important to have punctuation (including periods for sentences, etc.) when entering the riddle?

Rebekah Stargazer

ALL OF THE CREEPY. o.o The thing you said during nominations about voting for the one you most want defeated really helped me out with my decision.

Thank you so much for doing this again!!!!!! I had such a fun time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D I’d been looking forward to this for like. . . months. :D So much fun! <3



Yes! It’s gotten rather scary in here. At least they’re not all bunking at my house like their henchmen are over at Kyle’s! *shudder*

Oh, yay! Glad I said something helpful!

:) I’ve been looking forward to doing this again it since it ended last year! :-D :-D I’m just psyched that so many others are enjoying it.


*stares at the list of candidates*
*stares at them again*

HOW AM I TO CHOOOOSE??? Literally ALL five of those are some of my favorite (or…least favorite? depends on how we’re looking at this thing xD) villains out there. Goodness, I’m going to spend an hour on each category trying to choose which character to vote for. This is HARD. *flails*


I know! I haven’t even voted yet, because I have no idea how to choose on some of these… *stares at list of candidates* *decides to procrastinate some more by cleaning out a closet or something* :-D

Deborah O'Carroll

Sooo much nefariousness! o.o *shivers* Voting was so hard this year. XD

Also, the tile of this post, “Phase 2″ made me think of “What exactly is Phase 2?” “Phase 2 is S.H.E.I.L.D. used the cube to make nuclear weapons. Sorry, computer was running a little slow for me.” Which makes me think the villains would love to get their hands on that. XD (I know, I know, not exactly fantasy; still. :P)

I can’t wait to see who wins all the categories!! :O


For me, it’s between Shift and Hook. By the way, for Hook, I imagine the version from the 2003 Peter Pan movie, played by Jason Isaacs (who also played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies). THAT was a nefarious villain. I might have to go with him.

Timothy Mileski


I have entered the ten lines, hopefully correctly. But when I clicked on the submit button, the button stays in the “loading” mode. So how would I know if the system actually took my entry? Even now the button is still in “loading” mode. :)

This scavenger hunt was pretty fun. I was able to see and read about all the authors along the way. My family is really into reading. Now that I have seen your blog, among with the others, we will look into getting and enjoying your books.

Still “loading”…

Thank you for your time and may your day be blessed.



Tim, I am sorry that the typeform is being ornery for you. Thank you for letting me know about the issue. I will inform our moderator and ask if your response has been registered (I’m assuming you used the email address that is attached to your above comment?) If it has not been, I will ask him to add it so that your name is part of the drawing!

Thanks for participating in our event! I am glad it was fun!

Tracey Dyck

Aside from the Keeper, I want to pick all of them! But if I’d read Entwined I’m sure I’d want to pick him too. Hmm…maybe if I pick Death-in-Life here, and vote for Makaidos under the dragon category… LOL, I’m trying to pay tribute to all my fandoms! XD


I know! It’s so hard! I tried to spread my votes out across my fandoms, as well. And while Death-in-Life is a great dragon… I think he’s a far creepier villain… which left me free to pick Kazul as best dragon (though I was REALLY hoping Marc Secchia’s Grandion would make it into that category, because… WOW… oh well, maybe next year!)

Tracey Dyck

Yes, he’s a more compelling villain choice than dragon choice, in my opinion too! Apparently I need to read about this Grandion…

Abbey Stellingwerff

There are some really terrible characters in this category. *shudders* I hope the losers don’t team up with the dragons from DJ’s post and come after us!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!