Silmarillion Awards Schedule

Today is the day! The nominees have been presented, the votes have been tallied, and today begins the final stage of the Inaugural Silmarillion Awards! Each of the marvelous bloggers who have been participating in this epic fantasy oscars-like event will be presenting one of the Silmarils to a worthy winner, chosen by YOU, dear Reader!

Even we do not know who has won in every category (and as I type this, I do not yet know who won in my own category) as we decided at the last minute that would add to the fun, so I am as excited as you to find out who the winners are. Each one of the bloggers will be having a “guest” from Middle Earth on his or her blog to help present the awards, which will hopefully be a lot of fun.

Don’t forget that on July 29th we’re having a huge online-party-celebration for the Lord of the Rings’ 62nd Birthday! I will try to have a link-up here so you can share your blog posts if you decide to join in the party that way, but you can also post to facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, or wherever! I’d love to see those posts, as well, and will try to catch as many as I can (though I plan to be doing a lot of driving on the 29th, so I may have to play catch-up a bit when I get home).

Here is the schedule for the award presentations! (I will come back periodically to update these with the links to the indivdual posts)

Sat.  July 16 – Rawls E. Fanatasy – Best Weapon

Mon. July 18 – Madeline J. Rose – Most Epic Hero

Tues. July 19 – Abbey – Nefarious Villain

Wed. July 20 – JL Mbewe – Best Redemption Story

Thurs. July 21 – Jack Lewis Baillot – Best Fantasy Mount

Fri. July 22 – Tracey @ Adventure Awaits – Riddling and Poetry

Mon. July 25 – Zac – Wisest Counsellor

Tues. July 26 – Deborah @ Road of a Writer – Strangest Character

Wed. July 27 – DJ Edwardson – Best Friend

Thurs. July 28 – Jenelle – Heart Wrenching Death Scene

Fri. July 29 – TOLKIEN PARTY! Happy Birthday, Lord of the Rings!

~ jenelle


Allan James

What a Great Concept!!!!!

I’m certain that J.R.R. Tolkien would be pleased.

I’m surprised that someone in the Literary World never came up with this idea on their own.

I think your group of writer friends and yourself should patent this idea. Talk about a great idea to inspire young people to not only read…….but also to write.

Sometime….your writer friends should do an Actual roundtable discussion and have this on video and create a youtube following that would be another vehicle to drive people to your books.

It could work.

Anyway….I just think this is a really clever concept.

Allan James

DJ Edwardson

Great ideas, Allan. We may just have to create some sort of video for this next year. So glad you enjoyed the awards. They have been a passel o’ fun!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!