Super Heroes Giveaway

No, no, no… not a giveaway of or by SUPERHEROES…. a SUPER HEROES GIVEAWAY! I do understand the confusion, I do, but there is a very important space in there.

Because July just somehow wasn’t quite epic enough this year… the Fellowship of Fantasy has banded together to giveaway one awesome grand prize, focused on the Hall of Heroes anthology that they just released. I did not manage to write a story for this one, but I already have ideas percolating for the next one, and I will tell you all about that at a later date.

Hall of Heroes Giveaway-Covers & Prizes


Look at all these fabulous books you could win – and all of them have a HERO of some kind in them. In addition to these books featuring various heroes, we’re giving away a beautiful journal. Perhaps those blank pages are calling you to create a hero of your own!

But wait… this isn’t just an ebook giveaway! Many of these books are being offered as PAPERBACKS (such as the Hall of Heroes anthology itself, and King’s Warrior by Yours Truly), which just makes the giveaway that much sweeter… like homemade ice cream on a hot summer day.

For my hero, I’ve chosen to feature BRANT from King’s Warrior. Those of you who have read the book will most likely agree that Brant is about as epically heroic as it gets. Enigmatic and brooding, strong of both arm and character, noble and quick to act… with a streak of dark humor, Brant is the sort of hero you would definitely want on your side in a battle. But don’t take my word for it… because all through this week, you can get the ebook of King’s Warrior for FREE!

The Hall of Heroes anthology is also permanently free in ebook form, so you should definitely check that out. The Fantastic Beasts anthology was amazing, and I have no doubts that this one is every bit as good. I can’t wait to read it, myself! 

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the giveaway and then head on over to Amazon and start reading one of those free books today while you wait for the winners to be announced!
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And in addition to all of that… the Silmarillion Awards Ceremonies have begun! Head on over to ADVENTURE AWAITS to attend the presentation of the Wisest Councillor Silmaril!

~ jenelle


Savannah Grace

I’m practically drooling just looking at all the GORGEOUS covers – I’m definitely going to have to enter this giveaway! (and I’m SO EXCITED to see who wins the Silmarils – I can hardly wait!)


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