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I did this challenge a while back for Stone Curse, and now I’ve been tagged again by the lovely Deborah O’Carroll. Since the next couple of months are all about Yorien’s Hand, I decided to go ahead and give you another snippet from that!

The rules:

Open your work-in-progress and go to the 7th page and select 7 lines to share (some rules say that you have to go down 7 lines first, which is what I did).

Then tag 7 other bloggers to take part in the challenge.

Snippet from Yorien’s Hand, page 7:

The inhabitants huddling within Layrdon’s walls suffered. Many died once Cold-Term arrived. And then the food began to run out.

King Drebune stared down at his once-beautiful city, his hopeless, starving people, and knew defeat had found them all. The ravening army outside his walls had issued no demands; no surrender could stop their advance. But survival might still be possible, for though these creatures slew many, they did not seem bent on killing everyone. But even if they did not survive, word must be sent; he must attempt to warn others before they suffered the same fate as Yochathain.

Making the most of what might be his last hours as king, Drebune called his most trusted and courageous messengers and gave them their assignments.

Now to tag others:

I don’t actually know of anyone who hasn’t done this, and I don’t want to just tag the same people I did last time, so I’ll just throw it out there for whoever thinks this looks interesting or wants to try it. Consider yourself tagged! Or not, if you don’t want to!

~ jenelle


Deborah O'Carroll

Yay, you did the tag!
Ooh, intriguing! :D All of the Yorien’s Hand stuff! ^_^
Your writing has a lovely lilt to it… Looking forward to reading more. :)
Thanks for sharing!


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