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Hello there, dear Reader! Today I am participating in the Tolkien Blog Party hosted by The Edge of the Precipice blog! It’s a whole week of Tolkien-related fun and games, as well as a huge giveaway! If the Silmaril Awards haven’t been quite enough Tolkien-related fun for you, make sure you head over there and see what’s happening!

I might be posting a few more Tolkien-inspired things here throughout the week as we wrap up the Silmaril Awards, so stay tuned for that! And if you would like to write your own post and join the party, there’s a link-up for that on the post I linked to above!

Let’s get started with a fun tag! Tolkien… “would you rather” edition!

Mountain Segue

Would You Rather…

1.  …join Thorin’s Company or the Fellowship?

Starting out with a super hard one (I have a feeling all of these are going to be difficult, actually). I love the members of the Fellowship and would happily travel through danger at their sides. But… I honestly think I have far less chance of dying if I stick with Thorin’s Company. Besides, the Fellowship already has a plucky member who uses humor or clumsiness to diffuse difficult/tense situations… but Thorin’s Company could definitely use that. Also, we’re currently reading The Hobbit out loud as a family, and I’m remembering how much I love it. So… Thorin’s Company it is!

2.  …ride Shadowfax or an eagle?

Oof. Flying on the back of an eagle sounds rather fun… but then, the eagles aren’t exactly known for allowing repeat-rides, and I’m somewhat afraid of heights. Actually, this one is pretty easy. Shadowfax all the way. I love horses and horse-back riding and Shadowfax has always been one of my favorite things about the Lord of the Rings.

3.  …travel through Moria or Mirkwood?

Mirkwood. This one isn’t even difficult. Moria has never been one of the places I wanted to visit. But Mirkwood… all through my growing up years and even now… whenever I hike through a forest (or even drive through a reasonably thick lane of trees) I pretend it’s Mirkwood. As ominous and forbidding as it sounds… there’s also something about the idea of it that sends a thrill of excitement through me.

4.  …learn to make elvish rope or mithril chainmail?

… Neither? Is neither an option? I mean, I’d love to HAVE both of them, but learn how to make them? I’m not at all a “crafty” person, and making rope or chain mail sounds exceedingly tedious. I have a feeling I’d grow bored long before I ever finished anything of substance.

But… one of my students once did a demonstration speech on how to make regular chain mail… and that was pretty neat to watch.

I still wouldn’t want to do it myself, though. Not for longer than about twenty minutes, anyway. And rope-twisting doesn’t look like a whole lot more fun.

Yeah… I really can’t decide which one I’d dislike more.

5.  …try to outwit Smaug or Saruman?

Smaug. Hand’s down, Smaug. I mean, besides the fact that he’s a DRAGON, which just makes him infinitely cooler than Saruman, as a character he’s also more interesting and devious and clever and dangerous than Saruman ever was. Also, Smaug at least has a sense of humor.

I don’t do well with people who don’t have a sense of humor.

Thus, Saruman is more likely to succeed in killing me, as I won’t be able to distract him with clever repartees or riddles.

6.  …spend an hour with Grima Wormtongue or Denethor?

Yeesh… neither! But actually, if I had to choose, I’d much prefer to hang out with Denethor than Wormtongue. Denethor would annoy me, but Wormtongue gives me the creeps.

7.  …attend Faramir’s wedding or Samwise’s wedding?

BOTH!!! Both, please! If they are happening on the same day, though… well… as much as Faramir and Eowyn are my all-time favorite fictional love story… I still think I’d rather attend a Hobbit wedding in the Shire. Besides, Sam and Rosie are just adorable.

8.  …have to care for the One Ring or the Arkenstone for a day?

The Arkenstone. The One Ring has far too great a chance of corrupting me and turning me into something I really don’t want to be. The Arkenstone also has the propensity to corrupt people – but its power is more that of just normal greed. It doesn’t come with the whole “bringing Sauron’s attention to you” factor, or have a mind of its own sort of bent on turning its bearer into a servant of evil. So I think… on the whole… the Arkenstone would be the safer of the two charges.

9.  …have tea with Bilbo or Frodo?

I’m… gonna have to go with Bilbo on this one. I love them both dearly, but as much as I love Frodo and admire him for his part in the Lord of the Rings… I always just kind of preferred Bilbo. It’s possible it’s because I fell in love with The Hobbit years before I ever read LOTR. Or maybe it’s just that I liked how Bilbo’s story ended on a far happier note. Or maybe it’s the kinship I feel towards another author and poet… but I just think having tea with Bilbo would be more comfortable and less filled with awkward pauses in which we had nothing to say to each other.

10.  …fight alongside Boromir or Eomer?

I saw this question right away and I’ve been dreading reaching it throughout the entire tag. Boromir and Eomer are two of my favoritest characters ever, and choosing between them is like tearing my heart out and offering it to Smaug on a platter.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post on all the reasons I love Boromir and will defend him forever and ever because the movies did him a great injustice.

And yet.


Faithful, faithful, staunch, trustworthy Eomer.

In the end, I really can’t decide. This is the one question I simply can’t answer.

I’d be safe in the company of either of these strong, brave-hearted, good men. I’d happily fight alongside either of them, though my fighting skills are about as lacking as any hobbit’s.



Mountain Segue

And now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear your answers to some or all of these questions! 

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you swing through and read the various Silmaril Award Ceremonies posts! We’re over halfway done, but there are still a few Silmarils to hand out before the week is done, and so far, every event has been incredibly fun!

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And make sure to check the following blogs on Wed-Fri to find out who wins in the following categories:

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~ jenelle


Deborah O'Carroll

This looks so fuuuun! I will have to steal it later this week if I can find time! *smacks calendar and clock because they’re clearly malfunctioning* I love your answers!


It was fun! I enjoyed it rather a lot :)

My calendar and clock are having the same malfunctioning issues…… I’m not sure I’m going to hit my revised deadline with Turrim 5…. :-O yikes!


I don’t know if I’m doing Nano yet… I would like to, because I think it would really help me re-focus on this story and get the words hammered out. But last year was such a weird year in which we weren’t doing anything/going anywhere AND Derek was out at the house every night trying to get the interior finished so I had a plethora of alone time. I don’t know if I could conceivably repeat winning Nano. Though… even just trying would probably be better than not… :)

Deborah O'Carroll

I hear you! But even trying might be helpful. Actually, I think you can set non-NaNo-specific goals on the new NaNo site if you make a project and don’t associate it with a NaNo event? So I think you could set whatever goal you like as part of their new Camp-like setup? It wouldn’t be an “official” NaNo but I think it would still be fun… though I haven’t tried it and the site’s a little buggy right now. XD Anyway, whether or not you decide to attempt anything NaNoish, I wish you the bessst! YOU CAN DO THE THING. Maybe the wordwar group will revive and help us out. XD


Ooooh my goodness! THIS IS SO FUN. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have time to do it right now. *SOBS* But I ADORED reading your answers! And, actually, I agreed with basically ALL of them, and mostly for the exact same reasons. Tolkien Twins!

(But seriously, what cruel person would make us choose between Faramir’s wedding or Sam’s wedding??? NUUUU!)


It was fun!

Hehe! Yay for being Tolkien Twins! That’s awesome!

And yes, Rachel is very cruel to make us decide between those two…. *nods*


I just thought nobody would ever choose Boromir because he doesn’t get a ton of fan love and put up another cool person I really dig too so they’d have someone else wonderful to choose. I would apologize, but I’m actually loving that people are struggling on this one cuz it’s showing me that lots more people DO value Boromir than I’d thought!


Mmmmmm, such good answers!

It’s so funny because every year, I think I know what questions are going to stymie people, and every year, I’m wrong. I love the surprise! This year, #7 seems to be a big toughie… I’m working on answering these right now myself, and that one’s also hard for me!

I need to go see if I’ve read your defense of Boromir yet or not because he’s my #1 favorite LOTR character and has been since my first foray into Middle-earth. I LOVE finding other people who appreciate and understand him <3

Thanks for joining the party!


Always love meeting another Boromir fan! I don’t remember what I thought of him the very first time my dad read us the books, but I find I love him more every time I read LOTR. Of all the characters, he is the one who is most “human” and thus, often the most relatable.

Thanks for creating the party!


Exactly! He’s very relatable and human and REAL. The fact that this big, mighty, renowned warrior can fall prey to the ring’s influence makes the ring scarier, and it makes those who resist its power seem more praiseworthy and remarkable. And his arc is such a powerful representation of falling into sin, repentance, and forgiveness and absolution. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking of how masterfully Tolkien weaves all that in.


It’s been fun to find out how many people truly love Boromir over the years. I used to think it was an “unpopular opinion” but the more I talk about him, the more apt I am to find that he has way more fans than I expected.

Boromir is my dad’s favorite character in LOTR and I thought you’d enjoy his input on the topic (as I do), so I’m copying it below:

“So many readers are quick to condemn Boromir because he was tempted to use the Ring of Power….. to DEFEAT SAURON…..and yet we are given such little back-story about how Boromir and his Father have been fighting Sauron for his entire life….which would certainly mean that Boromir has lost people dear to him……just as Frodo is dear to Gandalf. We don’t know what would have become of Boromir had he used the Ring…..but what we do know… that Boromir’s ONLY WISH REGARDING THE RING….was to use it to defeat Sauron. At the time Boromir had the opportunity………HE was the only member of the Fellowship who understood the true impact of war with Sauron…….and was the only member of the Fellowship who had everything to lose…if Sauron was not defeated.

While Boromir is condemned for his desire to use the ring……Frodo’s attachment to the Ring is considered tragic and certainly is not his fault….in the eyes of the reader. Interesting how Boromir is condemned for wanting to use the ring…….to save “his people”….while Frodo is a sympathetic figure when he simply wants to keep the ring for himself… spite of his own knowledge of what is at stake if the ring is not destroyed.”


Yes and yes and yes. (And this is part of why Frodo is not a favorite of mine, actually.) I love all of what you and your dad said here — thanks for sharing it!


Faramir and Eowyn are such a beautiful & meaningful love story. Love them forever. <3

Boromir and Eomer are both fantastic characters. Like you said, it'd be a privilege and an honor to be with either.

Awesome answers!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!