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First and foremost, if you have NOT voted for your favorites in the Silmaril Awards, please make sure you go do that RIGHT NOW! Friday (9/14) is the last day to vote, and the polls close at midnight!

Now that you’ve cast your ballot (or if you already had before coming to read this post), we can talk about some other things.

Such as the schedule for the Silmaril Award Ceremonies! Over the next two weeks, we’ll be posting one award ceremony a day so that you can see who the 2018 Silmaril Winners are! I’m so excited. I think this year’s voting form was the hardest one yet to choose from, but I’m excited to find out who the winners were in each category:

Monday 17 - Least Competent Henchman (right here on my little blog…. and with the henchmen getting so out of control earlier this week, who knows WHAT will happen come Monday?!)
Tuesday 18 – Most Mischievous Imp @Regarding Reading and Writing
Wednesday 19 – Strangest Character @Imagine~Dream~Explore
Thursday 20 – Most Loyal Friend @Inspiring Writes
Friday 21 – Silver Tongue @DJ Edwardson

Monday 24 – Wisest Counselor @Road of a Writer
Tuesday 25 – Most Nefarious Villain @Kyle Robert Shultz
Wednesday 26 – Most Epic Hero @Author E.E. Rawls
Thursday 27 – Most Epic Heroine @Short and Snappy
Friday 28 – Most Magnificent Dragon @Adventure Awaits

Make sure to check those out!

Now, a few other fun Tokien-themed things are happening about the blogosphere in the next couple of weeks, and I wanted to make sure you are all aware of them!


To a Tolkien Blog Party!  The marvelous Rachel Kovaciny, author of the award-winning Sleeping Beauty retelling: “Man on a Buckskin Horse” and the newly released “Dancing and Doughnuts” is hosting her SIXTH annual Tolkien Blog party in a few weeks, and I think it goes so nicely with the Silmaril Awards, that I just had to make sure you all knew about it!

Tolkien Party Rivendell 2 2018

There will be games, a tag, a book review or two, and a giveaway! For more details, check out THIS BLOG POST.


The Tolkien Tribe is running #HobbitWeek over on Instagram as a fun week of prompts for pictures, captions, stories, or comments that you can participate in the week of September 17 – 23.

I’ll just post here what they have to say about this event:

At long last, #HobbitWeek is upon us once again! And the #TolkienTribe has of course put together a series of Middle-earth prompts to accompany you all through these upcoming seven long days of celebration! 
We tried to choose simple, easy, mostly generic prompts to allow everyone to participate or contribute with pictures, Stories, captions and comments as they see fit, but also brand new ones that we hadn’t already proposed to you either during TolkienWeek or MiddleEarthMarch 
The most important week in the Shire starts next Monday, September 17th, and it ends on #ShireSunday, September 23rd.
On September 21st there will be the 81st anniversary of ‘The Hobbit’s publication, and as you all know a certain Long-expected Party (otherwise known as #HobbitDay) will take place the next day, September 22nd! 
Remember to tag and/or mention the @tolkientribe and #HobbitWeek in your photos so that we can see them and spread the festive atmosphere throughout bookstagram and beyond!
If you have any further doubts or questions, you can of course contact us and we’ll do our best to make this experience as fun and enjoyable as possible for you! 
So then! Gather your own Fellowship and get your taters ready, ’cause I have a feeling it’s gonna be a blast as always! Meet you all at the Green Dragon for a nice celebratory pint! 

The prompts:
Monday 17 – Favorite Valar/Maiar
Tuesday 18 – Weapons/Magical Artifacts
Wednesday 19 – Favorite Theme/Subplot
Thursday 20 – Creature/Magical Species
Friday 21 – “The Hobbit” 81st Anniversary
Saturday 22 – Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo! – Favorite Non-Middle-Earth Tolkien book/story, OR Tolkien-related book not written by him
Saturday 23 – Tolkien Words to Live By



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