Wisest Counselor Nominations: Silmaril Awards 2019

Nominations are now closed! Make sure to come back next week to cast your votes in the final round!


Returning for the FOURTH year in a row, it’s MY personal favorite event of the year… THE SILMARIL AWARDS!

And this year, I get to host the award for the WISEST COUNSELOR!

They tend to be old, bearded, and have a somewhat “larger than life” sort of presence to them. Their massive wisdom often lends to a sort of gruff exterior, and perhaps even a hint of impatience… but you know that deep down, they have hearts of gold and truly care about the adventurers they are mentoring.

This award should only be given to the best mentor, the surest guide — for the purity of the Silmaril demands nothing less.

Choose wisely!

Nominate your favorite character(s) for this award by leaving a comment on this post!

A few quick rules and reminders as you get ready to nominate a character:

1. Just a quick reminder that Tolkien’s characters are not eligible to win these awards. We creators of the Silmarillion Awards see them as the ultimate standards for these categories already, which is why they are the Presenters of the Silmarils.

2. These awards are for FANTASY characters! This means no science fiction. However, if you can make a good, solid argument for the fantastical elements in a particular science-fantasy, then by all means, go ahead! (For example: The Lunar Chronicles are admissible due to elements of magic and the fact that at their core they are fairy tale retellings)

3. Please mention what book the character is from in your nomination. While the hosts of the Silmaril Awards are wizards in their own right and voracious book dragons of speculative fiction, we haven’t all read EVERY book out there, and we might not recognize certain characters.

4. You are welcome to nominate as many characters as you wish and “second” as many characters as you wish. The top 5 MOST seconded characters will go on to the final voting round.

5. If you are an author, you are welcome to participate, but please refrain from nominating your OWN characters. You may, of course, direct your fans to this event, though.

6. Characters who have won in a particular category in a previous year are ineligible to be nominated for the same award again. The Silmarils are Lifetime Awards. For a list of the previous winners in each category, please check out our Hall of Fame.

Previous winners of the Wisest Counselor Silmaril:

7. Please remember that these are Fantasy Book Awards. Therefore, a movie character is only eligible for nomination if they were a book first! 

8. Most importantly… have fun! And don’t forget to visit the other 9 blogs and nominate characters for ALL TEN awards!

Please spread the word far and wide! If you are on social media, our official hashtags are #SilmAwards2019 or just #SilmAwards invite your friends to the party, the more, the merrier!

Let the nominations commence!


And don’t forget to stop by the other blogs to nominate characters in ALL the Award Categories!

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Most Nefarious Villain

Most Silver Tongue

Most Faithful Friend

Strangest Character

Most Magnificent Dragon

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Awards Schedule:

The awards this year will go by the following schedule:

Nominations week — September 2-8

Voting week — September 9-15

Awards ceremonies — September 16-27

~ jenelle



I nominate Sensi from The Blood Race Trilogy!!

Okay, so a lot of people classify the book as Sci-Fi, but it has an alternate world and the people have special abilites, or powers, they are born with… so that seems fantasy to me. :D


I haven’t read that one yet, but reading the blurb, it sounds like fantasy to me! (And Amazon has it in Urban/Paranormal Fantasy) so I’d say that counts! Sounds intriguing! Putting it on my TBR!

Mary H.

I second Halt so hard!! So nice to see other people who feel the same way. :) He’s the best and embodies this–definitely the first one who came to mind.

Tracey Dyck

Ha, I hadn’t realized that two out of the three previous winners are professors. :)

I nominate:

-Cosimo from the Bright Empires series by Stephen Lawhead
-Sebastian Sternbough from the Myridian Constellation series by Wayne Thomas Batson
-Amos McElhenny from the Songkeeper Chronicles by Gillian Bronte Adams

Elise Yoder

I second Puddleglum and nominate Sylvester Carthage from the Electrical Menagerie, and Silas from the Graveyard Book.

Sarah Pennington

I second the following:

In addition, I nominate the following:
-Wizard Fenworth from the DragonKeeper Chronicles
-Remus Lupin from Harry Potter
-Hoid from all the Cosmere books (but particularly the Stormlight Archive).
-Granite from Worth of a King

Beth Wangler

I second Lupin!


-Shelumiel from “Colors of Fear”
-Malcolm Blackfire from Kyle Robert Shultz’s Afterverse (he’s wise and gives counsel, even if that counsel sometimes is coerced XD)
-Jakob from “The Hidden Queen
-Grandmother in “The Princess and the Goblin”


I nominate LaRish from Daniel Schwabauer’s RUNT THE BRAVE in the Legends of Tira-Nor series.

I second Granite (particularly in Lady Dragon, Tela Du), Fenworth from the DragonKeeper Chronicles and Beana from Goldstone Wood.


I second Halt and Puddleglum. I’d like to nominate Mandy from Ella Enchanted, Chiron from Percy Jackson series, and Dalben from the Chronicles of Prydain.

Brie Donning

I second Halt, Rayad, Timothy and Sam (Endathlorsam). What’s up with the Ilyon Chronicles and wise counsellors?

Katie padilla

I second granite from lady dragon, tela du (all of them really, I love granite)
I also second puddle-glum, from chronicles of Narnia
I first Jonathan from Ted dekkers mortal series

I first the giver from the ankulen

Mary H.

I second Puddleglum.

I nominate Mr. Benedict from The Mysterious Benedict Society (it has a slight but definite fantasy aspect) and the Magus from The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner.

H. S. J. Williams

The Loresman is falling on his face in gratitude for this nomination despite his huge blunder.

Morgan Huneke

I second Halt, Rayad, William, Puddleglum, Fenworth, Dallben, Timothy, Sam (Ilyon), and Mr. Benedict.

Nominating Lady Nitsa Amal and Sir Eagan from Blood of Kings, Lord Alistair from Blades of Acktar, and the Giver from The Giver (that counts as fantasy, right? It’s dystopian/utopian, but the whole memory thing is fantasy as far as I’m concerned).

Katie padilla

The giver I nominated was from the ankulen, by Kendra ardnek, totally different from the giver, by Lois Lowry.
Is he still ineligible because the name might confuse ppl?


I second: Halt (Ranger’s Apprentice) // Puddleglum (Narnia) // Lupin (Harry Potter) // Grandmother (Princess and the Goblin) // Brom (Eragon) // Mandy (Ella Enchanted) // Dallben (Chronicles of Prydain) // Moiraine (Wheel of Time)

I nominate: Oromis (Eragon) // Dumbledore (Harry Potter) // Professor Kirke (Narnia) // Cadvan (Books of Pellinor) // Dr. Pym (Books of Beginning) // Professor Hamilton (Dragons in Our Midst) // Ajihad (Eragon) // Glaedr (Eragon) // Emma (Fawkes) // Solomon (Out of Time) (technically dystopia, I believe…?)

Morgan Huneke

Professor Kirke won last year, so he’s ineligible. I’ll second Emma. And I doubt Solomon’s eligible since Out of Time is more dystopian/sci-fi, but I’ll second him in case he is.


Professor Hamilton won two years ago and is also ineligible.

I have not read Out of Time, but I’ll ask the group.

Dr. Pym!!! I haven’t met a lot of people who’ve read the Books of Beginning! Read those with my daughter last year and loved them!

Allan James

KIERNAN KANE….KIERNAN KANE…..KIERNAN KANE from the Minstrel’s Song Series! He’s old….but he doesn’t look old. No beard. No self-righteousness. Of all the Mentors and Wizards…he is the only one who does not seem to occasionally hold his followers in contempt. There is a Genuine Wisdom throughout his every act……and a genuine humility. KIERNAN KANE is my favorite literary character ever…and I am certainly familiar with all of the nominations noted above. If you don’t know Kiernan Kane…..please discover him and see if you don’t agree.


YES! I second Kiernan Kane, most definitely!
A must read: all four books in “Minstrel’s Song” series by none other than
Jenelle L. Schmidt!

DJ Edwardson

Okay, since nobody’s going for Merlin, lets try this.

I nominate Allanon from the Shannara series. He’s the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, he must be wise, right???

DJ Edwardson

What, you didn’t know? He named the organization after himself, didn’t he? I thought it was pretty obvious! :)

Deborah O'Carroll

I second:
Sylvester Carthage
Malcolm Blackfire
the Grandmother from Princess and the Goblin
Sir Eagan

I also nominate:
Gwydion from the Prydain Chronicles
Dominic from The Electrical Menagerie
Scales from Dark Lord of Derkholm
Chrestomanci from the Chrestomanci books

Hazel Dontell

I second Remus Lupin, Fenworth, Rayad, darling Timothy, and Chrestomanci. I nominate Susan Mitchell from the Sword of Lyric books, and Lukyan from the same series.

H. S. J. Williams

I second:


I nominate Athelbald/The Prince/Wood Thrush from Goldstone Wood.


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!