Writing Fight Scenes and An Interview

February Fantasy Month Banner Good morning, dear Readers! No post here on my blog today, but don’t leave just yet, because if you want to read something from me today, you just need to click on the links below!

Over at Katy Huth Jones’ site I am being interviewed on the topic of juggling the author life with being a home-school mom. Come on by and read the interview HERE.

Also, I am guest posting over at Laurel’s Leaves on the topic of “How to Write Fantasy Fight Scenes.” Because epic fantasy battles are important ingredients in this genre we love, and getting them right can be difficult!

So, if either of those sound interesting… go check ‘em out! And I’d love to hear your thoughts on either of those posts, so feel free to leave comments over there or even come on back here to discuss. Either way, I’ll be checking comments and replying!

~ jenelle


Madeline J. Rose

I read your fight scene post and found it SO incredibly helpful!! I’ve had trouble with writing fights and climax battles, so I’ve kind of…put off writing them. XD But I totally agree with your view! It’s not about the choreography, it’s about the FEEL of the battle, what’s going on around the character, and how s/he reacts to it. Thanks for the article, Jenelle!


Oh good!!! I’m glad it’s helpful to someone!!! I have had that post buzzing about in my head for some time now, so when I saw that was an option on her list of topics I jumped at it. Once I started thinking about what a battle would feel like going on from the character in the midst of it’s perspective, rather than from the bird’s eye-view reader’s perspective, things began to come a lot easier!

Best wishes on your battle scene writing!


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